Thursday, March 22, 2012

On Muggle Quidditch and How People Don't Suck That Much.

So yesterday I played Muggle Quidditch.

I also got hit in the neck with a Frisbee (hurts way more than it sounds), which should indicate my level of athleticness. But it was really fun. I met Nerdfighters who actually go to my school in the flesh and we talked about TFiOS and wanting to date Augustus Waters and weird Harry Potter slash fiction porn. It was kind of like the internet, which was nice.

The way I think has become so messed up since around middle school--when I split from my large-if-shitty group of "friends", found the one real person I'm closest to as a friend (On Tumblr, I've tagged a lot of stuff "Teresa is the Holmes to my Watson"--this is way accurate on a lot of levels. There is no reason why elementary school should have instilled in me a distrust and distance from people seen in war veterans, but it kind of did...), and turned to the interwebs to fill in the gaps in social activity--that internet people = good and 97% of "real people" = approach with caution, if ever. It's not black and white, though, and a larger handful than I originally estimated seem to not inherently hate me and it's worth having conversations with them because human contact is enjoyable. Even just discussing things in random groups for class doesn't necessarily have to be moderately anxiety-inducing, because hopefully people don't know me well enough to have an opinion about me, let alone a negative opinion, right? And I'm figuring this out second half of junior year, for crissakes. So, too little too late, maybe. But, I don't know, I'm on my way to caring less about petty shit and being less cynical.* Which is good, yeah?

* Remember, children: Conan O'Brien wants you to not be cynical. (This is what I think of when I think of cynicism for some reason...)