Sunday, May 31, 2009

Don't Jump in the Lake

I normally try to have some sort of hook as the first sentence of my blog. I assure you that it doesn't always work as I plan, but I don't want people to start reading my blog to know that the following blog is going to contain nothing worth reading. No, I like to lead you on, and THEN let you know that you have just wasted two minutes of your life. Wait did I just break my "oath" of not blogging about how I suck at blogging? Because I don't think that counts. So please tell me: after reading this first paragraph, do you actually WANT to read the rest of this blog, or are you simply left feeling obligated to see it through to the end?

I sit here not knowing exactly what I'm going to write. I try not to do that with blogging. Usually I have at least one thing on my mind, but not today. I am going to start with your questions and see where that takes me.

What do you think of the whole "green" movement? Is it reasonable? Do you think the government and other independent environmental groups are asking us to do too much or too little? Are people responding to the call for more environmentally-friendly actions?

I'm all for the green movement. I was part of the green movement before the green movement was a thing. Kind of like how I liked Harry Potter before it was a phenomena. Yes, I have the official bragging rights. Mostly. I don't think we're asking people to overstretch themselves. Start small. If you need to buy a new light bulb, why not just buy a florescent and be green? If you're going to by cleaning supplies, why not buy stuff that's safe for the environment? If you're going to buy a new car, why not a hybrid? The consumerism part of it is pretty simple, because we all know how to buy stuff. Recycling and composting, however, is a little more difficult.

People are lazy. You see it everywhere. We have drive-thrus so we don't have to leave the car; we have disposable products because we don't want to clean up and re-use; we have machines that help you excercise. We have so much technology that aids us, making us more and more useless in our own lives. When I look at the rewards of recycling based on the effort, it seems worth it to me. But of course, not everyone feels that way. Because people are lazy. I still think they need to get over that and recycle, but ultimately, it's a choice and you can't force people to go green.

I'm not saying everyone should run out and buy some solar panels to heat their house, but I don't think a few small and gradual changes are that big a deal. Things like cloth shopping bags and using your resources wisely are simple for us intelligent creatures. The royal We made a mess and now it's up to the rest of us to clean it up. We have to start somewhere; why not start here?

How was your weekend?

Fantastic. My house elf costume was a hit, although it had it's drawbacks. It kind of limited my music and all the little kids kept asking my who or what I was. I kept telling them, "I'm Inky the House Elf" (I decided on my name!), and then they would ask who Inky was, or what movie she was in and I would proceed to explain that she wasn't in a movie. Yet. They didn't like that. They said I should've been Dobby, even though he's a boy elf. But I got a lot of attention, which is nice every once in a while.

One thing I wanted to let you all know is that most lakes are cold. If you are ever in a situation where you are at a lake and people are pressuring you to swim telling you things like, "it's not that cold," or, "it starts to feel warmer once you've been in for a while", you should run away. All that stuff is just a blatant lie, probably because they want you in the freezing cold with them, to share their pain. It's not nice, and yet we continue to deceive each other.

At this camp, I decided that I would go swimming. I never go swimming at camp if I think the water is too cold, (except for one swimming pool, one time) but this time I felt I needed to. Who am I to call people insane for jumping in the lake when I've never actually participated myself?So I did. I swam to and from the dock. Now that I've had the experience, I can truthfully say that those people are crazy for submitting themselves to that cold water. Yes, you body does get used to the cold, but do you know why that is? It's because your body temperature drops, and that's when you're really cold. The initial submersion is nothing compared to the shivering and chattering of teeth that happens if you actually stay in long enough for the water to feel warmer.

Don't listen to those people. Say no to peer pressure. Or not, if you like that feeling of ice cold water surrounding your body. coughyou'rementalcough.

That is the end. The camp was good. I, unfortunately, do not have any pictures of me in my costume, but I might put it make on and take one, so I can share it with you.

Alex: What are you looking forward to most right now? (and don't be all vague and say summer or something like that. I want specific event or happening)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

In the Case of Book v. Blog...

Book so PWNS. This is going to be a short blog, because I need to finish the book-contained awesome that is Paper Towns. You know how sometimes people get mad at their mouths because they can't talk fast enough? I get mad at my brain for not reading fast enough. It's like I freak out because I think the book will disappear if I don't read it as fast as I possibly can; but I still want to read it slowly so I can fully appreciate its awesome. I have Paper Towns withdrawal right now. Seriously. If you have not read this book yet, GO READ IT NOW!


Before I completely freak out and abandon this blog, on to the questions!

Alex: What do you prefer in regards to gum, mints, Mentos, etc.? What is your favourite flavour? Did you know that chewing gum makes you hungry?

I LOVE it all. Particularly sour apple of any kind, but Bubblicious pwns in that dept. I'm Violet Beauregarde (Willy Wonka reference) meets... well, someone who just really likes gum. This obsession sadly had to come to an end when my teeth were affixed with braces. Which I still have. It started as prolonged withdrawal, but it's gotten better. I KNOW everyone who has braces still chews gum, but no, Imma good girl. And I really don't want to serve longer than my original sentence.

What do you think of the whole "green" movement? Is it reasonable? Do you think the government and other independent environmental groups are asking us to do too much or too little? Are people responding to the call for more environmentally-friendly actions?

Yes, it's something we all should try to participate in, but to a certain extent. It's really not reasonable to, say, invent a car that runs on baby souls and use dung to construct solar panels. But I just made that up to stress the absolute extreme.

OK, that's over with. I'm too withdrawn from Paper Towns (46 pages left!!!!) to think of a good question, so:

How was your weekend? :D

Friday, May 29, 2009

questions, questions Do Jewish vampires avoid crosses or Stars of David?
I never thought of vampires as being particularly religious, so I don't know how a Jewish - or Christian or Muslim - vampire would come about. I don't know which a vampire would avoid, but I would think that it'd be more logical to defend yourself with a cross; you look far more threatening when you're waving a long pointy sticky that when you're waving around a star (no offense intended to the Jewish religion, of course). Why do people never say "it's only a game" when they're winning?
BECAUSE WINNING IS EVERYTHING. GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME. VICTORY IS THE ONLY ANSWER. * If the FBI breaks down your door, do they have to pay for it?
I'm pretty sure they don't. I mean, I read an article in The Washington Post magazine about police officers-slash-FBI people who broke into an innocent guy's house and shot his dogs, and they never reimbursed him for anything - even though it was completely illogical for him to have committed the crime, and there wasn't really any evidence that a crime had taken place at all. (It had to do with drug dealers leaving boxes containing drugs on unsuspecting people's doorsteps, with the intent that other dealers would pick up the boxes and no one would be the wiser; the innocent guy took in the package, without knowing what it was, before the drug dealers could take it and the police-type-people, who had been staking out his house, basically attacked his house.)

Rena: Why is there a light in the fridge, but not in the freezer?
I agree with Alex - my fridge and freezer both have little lights.
Actually, I spent many, many minutes of my life trying to close the fridge door just enough to see if the light goes out when you shut the door. It does. Not surprising, really, but I was an inquisitive child.

Alex: What do you prefer in regards to gum, mints, Mentos, etc.? What is your favourite flavour? Did you know that chewing gum makes you hungry?

I suppose that mints generally taste better, but gum lasts longer, and I only sporadically have mints on hand. I've always been a fan of mint gum - spearmint, etc. Bubblegum tends to lose its flavor too quickly, I think.
You know, I always had a vague suspicion that chewing gum does make you hungry - because I always eat it when I'm hungry but don't have access to food - and it really doesn't help. I probably should have realized this earlier. But I didn't know that for a solid fact. I guess it has something to do with the fact that your mouth is reacting to the gum like it's food, except you never actually swallow or gain anything (other than possibly sugar) from chewing gum?
Perhaps gum was invented by a food company in the hopes that chewing gum would make you hungry and buy more expensive food products, thus giving the company more money. o_O

What do you think of the whole "green" movement? Is it reasonable? Do you think the government and other independent environmental groups are asking us to do too much or too little? Are people responding to the call for more environmentally-friendly actions?

* or not

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yummy Bathroom

Two exciting events have taken place in my house recently. One is good, one is not so good. The good:
We painted the bathroom! Mint. Yum.* Prior to the painting, was the colour picking. The colour picking is actually a very labourous and controversial stage in the process. First you have to start somewhere. Green? Yellow? Pink? Blue? Then you have to narrow down what you want... and then you end up with mint. At first I wasn't too pleased with it, but it's growing on me. Like fungus. Is there ever a painting situation when the paint picker does not regret the decision? No, she answers herself, there is not. Regret is key to the painting process. Or maybe I'm just weird. Quite likely.

The not so good:
My beloved laptop, Shia, will never be used again. He has died, and he has taken all of my documents, pictures (and iTunes library) to the grave with him. He is a spitefull idiot, but I'm geting a new computer soon, so I may have better luck. I'm ANGRY. Yet another example of COMPUTER FAIL. I'm never going to be able to trust again.

For Alex:
Have you picked a house elf name yet?

Gee, thanks for adding to the pressure, Rena. No, I haven't chosen yet. I've narrowed it down to four, but I'm still not overjoyed with any of them. Here they are: Icey, Lacy, Blinky or Twinky, maybe Inky (I just came up with that so that makes five). I'll definately have decided by the time I come home on Sunday, so I'll let you know then.

For Alex and Vita:
Why is there a light in the fridge, but not in the freezer?

Of course I had to head into the kitchen and check. The verdict: My freezer has a light, as does my fridge. I'm not sure why this is, or where the question came from. Maybe people only use the freezer in the day-time and they use the fridge in the night (for fridge raids, of course) so they need a light. But that doesn't make sense. What about late-night Popsicles? How are you supposed to find one when in need?

Vita's question:
Do you want to annotate my English homework for me? It's an excerpt from My Antonia, which takes place in NEBRASKA. *excitement excitement*

Yes? What does this entail, exactly?

I am getting my hair cut, today. Horray!

*I'm actually not a huge fan of mint. I like spearmint but I can't handle mintmint. Those TicTacs are so STRONG; they burn.
EDIT: I forgot to ask a question AGAIN. Here goes: What do you prefer in regards to gum, mints, Mentos, etc.? What is your favourite flavour? Did you know that chewing gum makes you hungry?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Self-Centered Blog

In which I mostly talk about ME and MY LIFE more. (so interesting to other people out there)

In a way I would like (well, not like, but it would sure make it a lot easier) to lie and say I spent my birthday like the Peep on that made of awesome card (which I COULD read, probably because my handwriting is awful too, but I'm a lefty, I have an excuse! :P) at the spa with my best friends, discussing current events, or at least the effects of the cucumber slices on the eyes, besides making you look sophisticated.

But no.

My friends took me to an awesome place called Let's Dress Up, where, as you probably guessed, we got to play dressup! :D Yayz!

I had a birthday party at this place when I turned 5. Listen intently (well, continue reading) as I describe the wondreous 5 year old fun to be had:

Not only are there trunkfuls of foofy dressup clothes no one would ever wear in public, which is kind of the fun of it, just looking like a dork and simply not caring. But there is also a tea party (with REAL FOOD! Good, real food. And finger sandwiches! Oh the sophistication! Oh the maturity! *sarcasm*) and a "fashion show", where everyone picks out their favorite floofy dress, picks out some kind of nickname (for people who can't come up with their own, the coordinator people always suggest "Princess *color of dress*" How very creative. And just walks down the little slope they have to represent a runway (just don't fall down in the 8 inch heels... like I did...)

Anyway, enough about my life, on to the other people! (Namely Alex and Vita)
Vita's question:

Do you want to annotate my English homework for me? It's an excerpt from My Antonia, which takes place in NEBRASKA. *excitement excitement*

Ummmm... lemme see if I can fit that one into my schedule... nooope...

And re-reading Alex's blog twice, I did not see any question, (maybe I just missed it... oh well...) so I will ask one specifically to you, in addition to the question you both answer.

For Alex:

Have you picked a house elf name yet? (I know your camp isn't til summer. Wait is that what you said? Me forgets... *headpalm*) I'm just so excited for you! *squeal* Yes I would enjoy going even more but just knowing camps like this exist gives me hope that awesome still is present in the universe.

For Alex and Vita:

From crazythoughts: (because I is bein lazy today and knot botherin too spellcheck)

Why is there a light in the fridge, but not in the freezer?

EDIT: Also, do you have any completely irrational fears you feel like sharing? (I have quite a few... I'm kind of... what's the word? I'm a worrier but I am also aware of the fact I have nothing to worry about. It's some kind of OCD, I'm sure. My brain is going to implode now. Byebye! :D)

Monday, May 25, 2009

In Which Things are Compared; Part the First

Twilight Fandom vs Harry Potter Fandom

Harry Potter wins, hands-down. I will explain why in a nice, tidy list for you:

1) Wrock.
I don't know if anybody else saw John Green's video he posted sometime around yesterday/today, but I think it appropriately sums up the State of the Music Union. HP has wrock.
Twilight has ... er, not much. Paramore does not count, because Paramore does not equal Twilight. Yes, Paramore wrote a song for the movie - a song which could easily be describing a variety of relationships aside from Bella/Edward's. Also, Paramore PWNS Twilight. (For the record, I love Paramore, no matter how mainstream they may be, so shut up. ;] Also, I was a fan of Paramore way before I'd ever even heard of Twilight, so basically, Twilighters have no case here.)

2) Harry Potter is a much bigger phenomenon.
I know you shouldn't judge something by how big it is (hehe...) but seriously, it's true. Yes, Twilight is huge among the tween/teenage girl demographic, with a few fans in other places - but Harry Potter is huge among virtually every age group. And both genders. Also, it's been translated into God knows how many languages. Whereas Twilight has not, at least not on as large a scale.

3) Our fandom is less obnoxious.
Oh yes, we have our OOOOOOOMMMMMMMMGGGGG ITSSSS HARRY POTERRRRRRR OMHGOD CAN I LYK TOUCH HIMMM LMAOOOO BUT SERIOULSSSSSSSSY OMGGODDDD ITSSSS HIMMMMM AAAAAAAAHHHH people. I will not deny that. But, generally speaking, the percentage of such people is relatively small when compared to the many, many such fans on the Twilight side. (I will also admit that there are some intelligent and funny Twilighters. I know because I have seen them and they're actually quite cool. Still . . . those Other Fans kill me.)
When we are insane, which is actually quite often, it is a good type of insane. As in, most of us actually have arguments to back up our points rather than going into Rage-Pout-Ignore-Explode mode.

Rena asks: Do you think video games like Guitar Hero and WiiFit should be used in schools to teach kids how to play instruments and/or promote fitness? Do you think video games are even capable of teaching these things?

I'm going with Alex on this one. WiiFit; yes, to an extent. Guitar Hero; no, not at all.

I'm sorry, but Guitar Hero/Rock Band does NOT teach you how to play an instrument. A piece of plastic is completely different than a piece of plastic that makes music. ;)

I have nothing against said games when they're used for "fun" purposes, but they have no place in, say, a music class. Unless there was a party going on or something. I'm all for parties.

WiiFit is alright. I'm not sure how in shape it actually gets you, but I think it's fine for PE classes when used in moderation. Quite a few kids would get more enthusiastic, at least. I think that Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) should be treated the same way; I believe it's a bit more active, especially when you set it to a more difficult level.

My question:
Do you want to annotate my English homework for me? It's an excerpt from My Antonia, which takes place in NEBRASKA. *excitement excitement*

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Singing Peeps

Happy birthday Rena! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I don't really know what else to say. Here is your birthday card:

I bet you weren't expecting THAT! Anyway I didn't have room on the card but I hope you, um, take this Peep's lead and pamper yourself today because you are very special *read crazy* and you deserve your cucumbers. And Peeps.
I don't understand why we have to use fear as a motivator. In badminton we usually do some sort of race or competition and the losers are usually subjected to push ups or sit ups or something like that. 
There are two reasons for someone to do something (vague, I know). One is for joy, the other for fear. The first isn't always because you're insanely happy to be doing what you are, but at least it's because you want to. The second is because you're afraid of what happens if you don't do it.

I don't know about you, but I don't think fear as a motivator is the way to go. It's just instilling in our minds that you have to do things, no matter how painful. There's always a choice. Things are much more positive if actions are driven by bliss.

Do you think video games like Guitar Hero and WiiFit should be used in schools to teach kids how to play instruments and/or promote fitness? Do you think video games are even capable of teaching these things?

Interesting question. Personally, I am a fan of both. Actually, I don't think I've ever met a person who is opposed to Wii or Guitar Hero. While I think these games are enjoyable and entertaining, I don't know if I would call them educational. If I separate them, then I would say yes to WiiFit and no to Guitar Hero. 

I think they could be used, and it would work to encourage kids to be physically active/play an instrument (more the physically active one here), but they would have to be used in moderation. I like WiiFit, but when playing it, I've never broken a sweat or really raised my heart rate at all. I think that the BMI and tracking functions are valuable, but I wouldn't exactly call it vigorous activity. 

If it were used in combination with other activities, and as an example for the students it would work swimmingly.

For Rock Band and Guitar Hero, I don't think it really compares to playing "real" instruments. I think it's fun, and it definately stimulates the brain with all that hand-eye coordination, but it's not the same as learning to play the guitar with strings.

This answer has been complicated and contradictory. That's my brain for you.

What do you think of parents coming up with "creative spelling" for names (i.e., "Aleeysha" as opposed to "Alicia," etc)? What about parents inventing their own names (i.e., blending "Ryan" and "Lynn" to create "Rylinn")? Do you find it to be cool, unique, obnoxious, etc., or are you indifferent?

Alternate spellings are acceptable to me. It sets a person apart from all the other Jessicas if theirs is spelt Jessika, or at least, I think so. It has to still be nice looking though. For example I don't think Gessica works. It reminds me of vomit, for some reason.
I think I would prefer if my name was spelt 'Aleksandra', just because it's a little different. 

Alternate spellings can be somewhat irritating though. It would be irritating to have everyone asking you how to pronounce or spell your name all the time. I think it's worth it though.

Blending names however, hardly does any good. Renesme, anyone? If you blended my first and middle names together you would get something like Alayne (which is okay but why not just be Elaine?), or Jalex, or Jaylex, or Alejayne. The results are endless (figuratively speaking).

Adding on to your question, my favourite name for a girl is Indigo, which is unique and shortenable, and pretty.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Mind Games!

Well, on a lighter note from my last blog, (and most blogs this week) my birthday is tomorrow! Yayz!

One thing that is very different from birthdays past is that I have NO FREAKING IDEA what is going on. I have been told that my friends and family will handle everything. And I am just painfully oblivious to not notice. Either that or they all are realllllyyy good sekrit keeper people. I have hardly been in my house all day. I've been dragged around almost a little too suspiciously, in a way that makes me think they only want me to think that they were planning some major cheesy movie style surprise party, where at the end of the day, just when I think everyone has forgotten my birthday, I am led back to my house to find the lights off, and when they are turned on everyone I know jumps out and yells "SURPRISE!!!!!!" XDDDD

But, I KNOW my friends. They probably did this just so I would get completely suspicious and paranoid. It's some kind of reverse psychology mind game. They are the only twisted weirdos who could think this up. This is why we get along.

Well, I'll find out tomorrow, and tell you about it on Tuesday.

On to the questions!

House elf name: Any one syllable word type thing ending in y. (to continue the pattern of Dobby and Winky. The trick, though, is not to sound like a Teletubby.) Not that specific, I know. But my previous examples were very cavemanish. There's also a House Elf name generator, have you tried that? You have to enter your name.

Alexandra = Abra (like Abracadabra?)
Alex = Calla (clearly the generator and I have different views on what makes a House Elf name...)

Mine (feel free to use)

Renata = Wanda (bleh... cliche)
Rena = Velda (better)

Vita's (I didn't want to leave you out! :) )

Vita = Mitzi
Vita Starr = Ivy

Like any of those?

Vita's question:

Names like that are so... fake. Do the parents of these kids think a name will give them individuality and creativity and uniqueness and whatever else they want? You can't judge a person by their name (though sadly we do). And do they think about what these kids will have to go through once they have professional lives? How'd you like to sign things:

Mrs. Kyortnee Smithee, CEO

Things like that will really screw up your chances in life, considering how everyone says not to judge based on name and other stupid things like that, but they do, anyway.

My question:

Do you think video games like Guitar Hero and WiiFit should be used in schools to teach kids how to play instruments and/or promote fitness? Do you think video games are even capable of teaching these things?

Friday, May 22, 2009

*insert title here*

Yesterday, I completed a biology project about physician assisted suicide (PSA), and it truly made me think about what we have deemed "acceptable" in our society.

While I was researching, I came across a few people who drew links from PSA to abortion - generally people who do not support either. Somewhat ironically, it seems to be liberals who tend to oppose war and the death penalty, but it is liberals who support the right to choose to get an abortion and, to a lesser extent, PSA (I must admit that I usually do fall into this stereotype). Still, I really cannot stand the common "argument" that all "conservatives are hypocrites because they won't let us abort a fetus but they have no problem with killing thousands of adults" or, on the other side, all "liberals are hypocrites because they aren't strong enough to send our troops to war but they have no problem with killing thousands of babies." Obviously, there's the fundamental issue that this stereotype is not always true of either side. But, although I really don't like death, I believe that both sides are making the mistake of grouping all types of purposeful death together. You can call murder murder, but there honestly are different types of killing, and although none of them are preferable, some are better than others.

In my opinion, abortion is not the murder of a baby or person. Certainly, I think that aborting a fetus at 8 months and 3 weeks is basically the same thing as killing a newborn infant and should be illegal (unless there is a medical reason that calls for abortion or something similar, although I believe that abortion that late in the pregnancy is pretty dangerous), but I strongly disagree with the idea that aborting a 3 month old fetus is killing a person. Yes, you are getting rid of something that has the potential to be a person - but it is not a person. No, I do not think abortion is good, but unless you have a way of making sure that 100% of America uses birth control that works 100% of the time, then you cannot make abortion illegal. It truly is between the woman and her doctor (of course the male in the picture should have input, but it should ultimately be the woman's choice - she is the one who'd have to go through labor, after all) and I don't think that there is any way for us to judge a woman for accidentally getting pregnant. True, there are women who get abortions who are simply irresponsible, but for each of those women, there is at least one person who is as much of a victim as her fetus is sometimes considered to be. I'm not exclusively talking about rape - there are many women who are victims of poor education, peer pressure, family life - women who are truly victims of their circumstances. And yes, we should all work together to prevent abortion - as in, find a way for all women to not get pregnant if they don't want to - but I honestly and completely believe that it needs to remain an option.

The death penalty, on the other hand, is essentially following the "eye-for-an-eye" punishment reasoning. You're saying, "You killed 10 people? Okay, we'll do the same for you!" Obviously they should get a life sentence without bail, but - really? How does committing the same crime that they committed make you any better than them? Sure, you may feel justified in doing so, but the fact is, you're bringing yourself down to their level. What if you make a mistake, and they didn't actually commit the crime? Then you've just killed an innocent person. The list of people I am okay with killing basically consists of: Hitler, Stalin, and leaders of mass genocides.

Rena: Who would you want to write your life story?

- For a fairly accurate biography, Harper Lee would be an excellent choice, as she can take a somewhat dull non-event and transform it into something mesmerizing.
- I'd choose Jeffrey Eugenides, who would write a romanticized version of my life, for a similar reason as above, and because he has a way of making prose sound like poetry.
- Libba Bray would no doubt spruce my life with fantasy and humor and possibly zombies - all of which everyone needs a little of.
- I really would love it if J K Rowling sent me to Hogwarts.
- Also, I would like for Maureen Johnson to blog my life. That's all. Just day-to-day or weekly blogs. And then compile it into a book.
I mean, I would read it.

[Artistic liberties may be taken as needed. If at all possible, please give me a really good ending to my life, too - I want to go out with FLAIR. ; ) ]

Rena: What is your favorite color?
I love virtually every color, to be honest, excluding orange (which I can take in certain shades and doses) and a few shades of yellow, brown, and green.
My favorites would have to be blue, periwinkle (mostly because I like the word), darkish purple, hotish pink, and black.

Alex: What is a fitting house elf name for me (Alex)?

Spewy. *

What do you think of parents coming up with "creative spelling" for names (i.e., "Aleeysha" as opposed to "Alicia," etc)? What about parents inventing their own names (i.e., blending "Ryan" and "Lynn" to create "Rylinn")? Do you find it to be cool, unique, obnoxious, etc., or are you indifferent?

* I would advise you not to take this suggestion seriously. Dobby, Dobby, Dobby . . . ♥

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Styles and Life Stories

I don't know when it hit me, the epiphany I am about to disclose. It wasn't too long ago, maybe on of my three nights at camp, where I slept on rocks and a deflated self-inflating mattress, with music pounding in the background.

I've thought about blogging styles before. I'm speaking mostly of new and amatuere bloggers, because writers (such as MJ) and other experienced bloggers don't fit into my equation. When a person starts to blog, there are a few paths they can take:

1. They can write about what's on their mind.
2. They can write about their lives.
3. They can write about nothing in particular.

There's also two distinct styles a person can adopt:

1. They can prattle on and on, not caring if they sound boring or if anyone's reading. (this style is quite uncommon) It sounds like a bad style, but it is good in the way that the person has confidence and isn't always wondering who's reading, and if they sound worth-reading, or what.
2. They can talk a lot about how they have nothing to say, have no ideas, and don't really know how to blog. (this style is more common)

Eventually if you keep at it, you will [usually] develop a more unique style. You will either stop caring about whether you're making sense to anyone, get obsessive about making sense, or stop blogging.

I noticed in a lot of the blogs I read during BEDA people would go on about their blogging inexpertise and how they had no idea how to go about blogging or what to write about--at times I counted myself as a part of this group.
But no more will I whine about my lack of creativity. I challenge myself and my fellow Raving Persuasions bloggers (and other bloggers as well) to adopt the motto 'fake it' till you make it'. If you don't know how do blog, do you at least know how to pretend? From this Thursday forth, you will not hear me comment on my lack of subject or brevity of post. I will simply do what I normally do, and that will be it. No expectations, no disappointment, just the blog. That is a challenge Vita and Rena (not that I particularly noticed either of you are prone to these habits, I'm just making a general observation). I'm going to make up a proper vow thing and I'll have it at the beginning of my next blog.

Your questions, my answers:

Rena: What author would you want to write your life story? What is your favourite colour?

If I wanted to go on a road trip and say really funny lines, I would choose John Green.
If I wanted to get a job, meet a great (hopefully gorgeous) guy and solve my problems, I would choose Sarah Dessen.
If I wanted to marry a great, but realistic and flawed, gentleman and live happily ever after, I would choose Jane Austen.
If I wanted to do all of the above and have my life story be a global phenomena, I would choose J.K. Rowling.

As for the second question, I don't feel I have the time to do it justice. It would be a very long and involved answer regarding stereotypes and trends and feelings and I don't want to get into that today. Maybe another time.

Vita: What is your favourite song? Least favourite song? Strangest song you know?Also, do you like Imogen Heap? What about Weird Al?

My history with music is long, and slightly embarrassing. The way I find a favourite song is I either hear something and love it right away or I gradually warm up to it because my sisters are always playing it. Come to think of it, this is how everyone chooses their favourite songs, no? Once I have a candidate I usually just listen to it, non-stop, until I can't stand it anymore. There was a time when the play count for Enrique Igleas's 'Do You Know' (ping pong song) was up to 58 on iTunes. N'Sync, Britney Spears, Shakira, Hilary Duff; all are dark spots on my record.

In regards to your questions I'm quite involved with Marianas Trench right now. It's rare that I'll find a CD that I like more than 10% of the songs on but Masterpiece Theatre contains only about one that I can say I dislike. I'm also a huge fan of The Anglerfish Song, and the rest of Hank Green's music. I like Taylor Swift sometimes, but I find she's a bit whiny regarding the boys she likes that are her friends that she is too wimpy to confront about her feelings. My favourite classical song is Nocturne in E flat major by F. Chopin. I have a bunch of songs on my iPod that I never listen to, that I used to really like, but none are really worth mention. I used to obsess over Chasing Cars, by Snow Patrol, but now I laugh at myself. I like the Mamma Mia soundtrack.

Music taste is kind of embarrassing to me, but I'm trying to let that go. Feel free to call me crazy, I know my likings are a bit odd. But then again, who can truely say they have normal taste in music?

For least favourite there are a lot out there, and I don't want to name them for two reasons. One, I would have to research who the songs are by and two, I don't want to give them the energy it would take to argue against them. I used to like Miley Cyrus. Then I realized how much I didn't like her and built up an argument against her and also the Jonas Brothers. Now I'm indifferent to them. I don't have respect for them, or the time to waste my valuable intellect to hate them. Miley Cyrus can be a shallow, vapid, porn star, and as long as she does it far away from me, I'm okay with it.

I'll have to answer your other questions another time after some research (Imogen Heap??).

My question for today is not of the usual sort. Today I ask you for ideas because at the end of May, I am going to a Harry Potters camp (I know, right? It's so awesome) and I need a name for the character I am dressing up as. This question is of convenience to me, as I am dressing up as a free house elf (complete with pillowcase, leggings, and mismatched socks) and I can't think of an appropriate name. Right now I'm torn between a few (Blinky is at the top of the list), but I think there are better ideas out there. Readers, if you have any suggestions I would appreciate them also in the comment box.

What is a fitting house elf name for me?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"The Disabled in the Workforce"

... was the official name of the presentation I was forced watch today. It has left me miffed/ticked/pissed off (select one) for reasons others might find, well, slightly dumb.

But first, some background:

One thing you guys don't know about me is that I have a mild form of cerebral palsy, technically called "spastic diplegia", or Little's disease. (Lil' spazzy is an awesome rapper name, should I ever choose to enter that field...) It is a physical disability.
Keep that in mind...

I was placed in special education starting in elementary school because I needed some physical therapy, but this has led to "annual reviews", and uninformed teachers "Treating... me... li-ke... I... am... slow." Over the years it has annoyed me that apparently there is a permanent asterisk next to my name that says "*: SPECIAL NEEDS!" And no one bothers to check for what disability. This presentation consisted of "local learning disabled individuals sharing their experiences in the the workplace". I will sum this up with one simple question:

Have you ever met someone who is just a little bit too... perky? Peppy? Overcaffeinated? Someone who has likely been a motivational speaker for kindergartners?

Everyone. In. That. Room.

Overall message: See? Even you people can be accepted as a valuable member of society! Seeee? A fine message, but it was just... so... degrading? Not exactly humiliating, but there was just something not right about the tone of the "non-learning disabled" leading the presentation.

I can't even describe why I'm particularly mad... I shouldn't even be ranting about my personal... issues. But, if I may ask a question, do I sound disabled via-blog? Must any disability be part of how I am judged? I guess I'm mad because I can't stand being lumped together with everyone else. Even my other friends who have dyslexia, or Asberger's thought it wasn't really that helpful. We all are different people with ABILITIES. We know we can be awesome, unique individuals with jobs we're probably good at. Wonderful programs exist to even help people with mental disabilities, that would have been shipped to the asylum 70 years ago get jobs.

I know you guys probably don't have opinions on this, or even given it much thought, but I just had to express in some way. This helps knowing it's out there somewhere in cyberspace. If you don't want to reply to this, fine. But don't pretend these things do not happen.

(Not that you, the marvelous Alex and Vita, would, but they do. I'm speaking more to them.)

Monday, May 18, 2009

wanderings of an empty mind.

Lemonade, lemonade.

It is so easy to be different. An extra letter to a name; a new shade of blue in your hair; a certain sneer, practiced to perfection countless times in the bathroom mirror, to display.

The rules are simple, like a game. And like a game, cheating is inevitable. As long as you can slip a card up your sleeve without being seen, you are safe, you are God. What they cannot see will not hurt them.

In the hallways, the game starts. Locations are appraised; opponents are studied. Holes and missing pieces are found, and knowledge of the weaknesses is filed away for future use. In order to win the game, you must maintain the facade. Lose the facade and you lose the game. The rules are simple but cheating is inevitable. Players hurt themselves, accidentally, intentionally. Cheating is inevitable. Did anyone see?

Outcasted members of society soon learn that they have formed a group of their own, and in their quest to be unique they all become identical. Independent Desire oozes through the cracks in the fragile formation and enters the main-blood-stream, where it is delivered over and over again until the only way to be different is to be the same.

Fairytales are the same. Repeated over and over, so many times, all with the same message: the good win. The bad lose. Stay in bed, tucked away nice and safe, and the bad men won't get you.

Nobody ever mentions that everyone cheats, and sometimes the bad men find a way to your bed, even though you've been following all the rules, and eventually you cheat, too, if for no other reason that the need for survival.

Somewhere the haughty ruler gazes down on his shivering subjects. Fear pulses through the crowd, a virus without a vaccine: close contact and the end comes quickly. It is impossible to defeat. It is impossible not to try. He does not care about you, they say, but he is so powerful and maybe it is because he knows something you do not. He can dictate your life because he is right, he is right that you are worthless and stupid and your money is better in his hands. Your life is worth more in his golden grasp.

Once upon a time, this little pig blew down the big bad wolf's house while the wicked witch pricked her finger and fell into a deep slumber, and the hardworking orphan girl lost her glass slipper that sparkled in the sunlight and ran away to sing about the colors of the wind. The evil queen asked her mirror if she wasn't the fairest, after all, and the mirror assured her that her beauty was untouchable as the stars in the sky. The little mermaid lived happily ever after in a small cottage obscured by the trees in the forest.

Lemonade, lemonade.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Unspoken Leprechaun Truths

It's not Sunday, and I have to write this in advance because I am going camping today and not coming back until Monday because it's a long weekend here. I'm not overly excited about this camp, which involves tedious, time/money/energy consuming travel. I'm going anyway, though.

Regardless, here I am. I don't have anything to write about, and I'm starting to wonder how I survived BEDA because I feel like I used up my idea tree yesterday. I guess I'll just tell you something I discovered last night about leprechauns, because for this camping trip I am taking a book about a girl who goes to Ireland.

This started with me being a little hyper (funny how that word resembles the word leper--not by much but it would be easy to typo it. Well, maybe not if you are a good typer, because the letters are quite far apart of the keyboard, but I would do something like that easily. leper.) and getting up in my sisters faces and saying, "I'm a leprechaun!"
Eventually I come to the conclusion that I am about to share with you. That conclusion is that there are leprechauns, which are as tall as normal people, and then there are mini leprechauns, which are about the size as we normally imagine leprechauns. Don't forget the mini, though, because it is vital. You see, mini leprechauns are little trouble makers. They like to sneak up on the normal leprechauns (oxymoron?) and steal their gold, trip them, bop them on the head with a stick (because they can't reach that high with they hands) and tie their shoelaces together. The big leprechauns are peaceful, loving creatures, who have rainbows stored up the yin-yang, but the mini leprechauns just like pulling a fast on over on their bigger counterparts, because they are secretly jealous of their height. Mini leprechauns think that height amounts to importance, so they have taken up the task of mischief maker, simply because they think it's all they can do of consequence. It's quite sad actually.

And that is the unspoken truth of the leprechauns.

This has been so short, but what can you do? What I'm going to do is go sleep in a tent in the wilderness, even though spring has been deceived us this year, and it is actually not as warm as it would normally be at this time of year in another year. Most of that last sentence were redundant, but that's life. Call it chicken salad.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Answering Questions! (and sadly not much else)

I will now devote a long blog to answering these two questions:

Alex's: What are the best and worst thing to put on pizza (that people actually do put on pizza) and what is the best dessert after a pizza?

and Vita's: What is your favorite song? Least favorite song? Strangest song you know? Also, do you like Imogen Heap? What about Weird Al?

I'll start with Alex's, because I think it requires less thought and I'm hungry.
I love pizza. I will try anything at least once if it is used as a pizza topping. Although cheese is the original and does not really need to be improved on, I like sausage occasionally. Real, good Italian sausage, not the fake sausage usually found on frozen pizzas. Surprisingly, spinach is pretty awesome too. Which proves what we've already heard 50,000 times: Don't hate it til you try it. Seriously. Go try it. Yum yum! (oh, and one thing that is awful on pizza: pineapple. I've tried it, and I really dislike the texture of the chunks compared to the cheese. But, it's personal taste.)

:D Speaking of pizza, DEEP DISH PWNS! The crust is nice and thick and holds up to the thick gooeyness of extra cheese and such. One thing I think is weird, though, is that on deep dish the toppings (if any) are under the cheese. I like that. It's like a surprise. (well, if you know what you ordered than it should be what you ordered, but sometimes the pizza people screw up and it's something different, which isn't really a nice surprise...) Crust is a very important part of the pizza. "Thin" crust isn't always bad, but I have devised a crust-test to see if the crust is worthy of the deliciousness it supports.
Step One: Grip slice of pizza by the topmost edge of crust and hold out horizontally.

If pizza does not go *flop* under the weight of gravity, the crust is able to be called crust and not just the bottom of the pizza.

I've been talking about pizza for a very long time, on to dessert!

Ice cream is made of win no matter when 'tis consumed, but especially after pizza. It's almost the exact opposite of pizza: cold, sweet, and creamy. It's also very simple, so if you are one who gets flavorally overwhelmed after the spectacular flavorful win that is pizza, your senses can calm down and simply enjoy the YUM.

Vita's question!

I seriously cannot choose one single song as my "favorite", so I am going to list everything that is definitely my UNfavoritest: (I'm technically not answering the question, but unless you want a 10 page list of my favorite songs, I'll do this instead.)

Screaming hard core metal
Adam Lambert (I know he hasn't won yet, but sadly he will eventually)

That's it, all other music is good as long as it's music (which is redundant and makes little sense, but oh well.)

As for strange songs, I know I could think of a better one if I had more time and wanted to think HAR-DUH, but I learned this one at an overnight campy type thing for school in 7th grade. (strange to me also means annoying in this context... it is very annoying to have to sing this. But the teachers chose the songs, and thus, this was what we had to sing while they got to throw pine cones coated with something into the fire to make it turn greenish bluish... they had more fun! *pout* ) Oh it's long, I'm just going to put the URL here:

Wow, nothing very interesting has happened today. I have nothing more to blog about. So, my question for you issss... *drum roll pleez*

What author would you like to write your life story? (Meaning their book would be about your life, fictionally. What they would write would be what your life actually turned out to be... oh, sorry if this makes no sense! If you are confused, like I am, trying to word this question correctly, answer this question instead:

What is your favorite color? :) )

EDIT: I just realized I didn't answer the last part of Vita's question! Oh no!

Weird Al also PWNS! "White & Nerdy" is awesome! I have NO idea who that other person is, but they have the same last name as my Social Studies teacher, which for some reason makes me laugh.

Friday, May 15, 2009

conversations with a friend who's not there.

"Hey! You there!"
"Wait what? Oh, me? Oh, sorry."
"It's okay. I know this is kind of weird because I don't actually know you and everything, but I was wondering -"
"OW. Jesus!"
"Oh God! Sorry. That looks . . . painful. You okay?"
"Ughhh - yeah, yeah I'm fine. My life sucks, but you know, I'm fine."
"Yeah, textbooks will seriously kill you. I think the teachers here are all part of a conspiracy theory."
"What, like death by textbook? A massive plan to murder every student at school, one by one, by dropping textbooks on our feet and breaking our little toes?"
"Okay so maybe it sounded better in my head. But it could work, right? If we're all, like, driven to insanity by the lack of little toe usage? That probably limits your movement, right? And so we all start killing each other because we're all so pissed off? And it's like, the teachers technically didn't kill us, but they really kind of did? Because they started the textbook droppage?"
"Oh definitely. Dude, I hate to tell you this, but my toe, man! It just hurts so bad that I wanna kill you!"
"Shit! I'm too young to die!"
"Well, you know. The good die young and all."
"But what if I'm not the good guy? What if I'm the bad guy?"
"Wow, did you just quote Twilight?"
"If I was typing this, I'd totally be typing asterisk-awkward-asterisk right now. Not to be too nerdy on you, or anything, but like. Just so you know."
"Awkward? But why? Twilight is so, so how you say, so beautiful of writing, it make me, you say, it make me cry the tears of the happy."
"Holy crap, your Italian accent is just so real! But yeah, no. I actually hate Twilight a lot. Sorry. But I just . . . aghhh it annoys me."
"Oh my god, I hate it too! People are so f--king obsessed with it.
"I KNOW! If you're going to obsess over something, can it at least be something good? I dunno, like Harry Potter?"
"Seriously. Except I don't really like Harry Potter. It's kind of overrated."
"Well, no, I like it, just not that much. It's cute, but it's not that good."
"I would definitely be typing asterisk-awkward-asterisk right now too. If I had a computer and stuff. I don't have a computer with me. But if I did. I would be with you on the obnoxious thought bubble thing."
"Oh, man, I'm so bad with the thought bubbles. I use them, like, obsessively. They're so freaking addicting. Or Twitter? If my phone had internet connection I would be writing awkward-is-overused-so-much."
"Did - did you just make an awkward butterfly? THAT IS SO COOL!"
"It's like the awkward turtle, but improved. And ironic. Because I'm all about irony."

Does it matter that we never know the initial intent of conversations? Does it matter that we never find out the context of the conversation? Does anything matter but what is said, by what is not said?

Rena asks: What do you do when you're sick? (not, like, deathly sick, but just sick enough to get out of going to school.)

I am never sick. I am indestructible. I am freaking Wonder Woman.
Hypothetically speaking, if I were to become sick, I would probably sleep for a good part of the day, laze about watching old movies, reading shallow books, or waste my time on the internet. And then I would go back to sleep.
None of this actually ever happens, though. My life is very exciting, on a constant basis. Because I am Wonder Woman.

Alex asks: What are the best and worst thing to put on pizza (that people actually do put on pizza) and what is the best dessert after a pizza?

Cheese. I am in it for the cheese.
Not extra cheese. None of this pepperoni business. Just cheese.
Occasionally I can stand pineapple chunks on the pizza. Other than that, the toppings on the pizza are not good. Classic pizza (I prefer "classic" to "plain;" I think it has a certain flair) is the best.
The worst thing you can put on a pizza is definitely blood. It happens. Oh, it happens. People must cut themselves with the roller-knife they use to slice pizza one time or another. And while you would hope that the pizza chefs would dispose of such a pizza, not every place is high quality, and certain things such as basic hygiene tend to fall by the wayside. So, next time you eat a pizza, if it seems to have a little extra "sauce" on it . . . think about what you may (or may not) be eating.

I understand that my question may seem weak. Unoriginal, if you will. And that may be the case, but I feel that music says a lot about a person (or I'm just curious. Whichever). So, I must ask you a very generic question(s), and I hope that I will never do it agan, but: What is your favorite song? Least favorite song? Strangest song you know? Also, do you like Imogen Heap? What about Weird Al?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Answers and Princesses

Before this turns into a strictly question/answer blog I wanted to write something that wasn't an answer to a question so I can reserve some kind of originality. Then I will try to come up with my own interesting question.

Yesterday I was babysitting. Five-year-old boy and two-year-old girl. Joy. Don't get me wrong, I like the kids, but every time the boy sees me, he tells me I look tired. But he doesn't actually tell ME I'm tired, he think I'm my sister and calls me Rachel. "You look tired, Rachel."
Every time he's stated this, I have to hold back from saying, "You know what kid? It's YOU that's making me tired. So go eat your spaghetti. Now!" I try to remember that he's five, and thus not deserving of my wrath (at least not too often), but it's hard.

But he was actually well behaved last night. When we finished watching the movie-Bolt-he ASKED me, if it was bedtime. I nearly fell of the couch from shock.
Anyway we went and got ready for bed, and when it was time for a story I picked a collection of Robert Munsch stories and settled onto the bed. After reading a story about a princess, I was reminded of how much I love Robert Munsch (I hope I'm spelling that right). I don't know if you're familiar with The Paper Bag Princess, but this story is amazing. It's about a girl who is going to marry a prince and then a dragon comes and burns all of her clothes so she is forced to wear a paper bag to go and rescue the prince from the dragon. She finds his lair, and then she tires him out using her intelligence and wit, and proceeds to collect her prince. When she finds him he basically tells her that she looks horrible, despite the fact that she just rescued him from a fiery grave. She turns her back on the idiot ponce, and walks into the sunset, ALONE.

So not only is this princess gorgeous when she has clothes, but she's also quite clever and doesn't take other people's crap. She doesn't have to end up with the ungrateful prince in the end. It's brilliant. I really wish there was more Disney movies that had characters like this princess. For every heroine like Mulan, there's two damsels in distress like Princess Aurora and Snow White. At least there's people out there like Robert, who know how to write about REAL princesses.

And now to the questions (these are from oldest to most recent)

Vita: The apocalypse is coming. How do you want the world to end?

I'd like there to be some irony involved. The end of the world... I guess I'd want it to be relatively painless and quick, so the ironic aspect doesn't work that well. Maybe a meteor should hit. I don't know if I want people to know, because as Rena noted, people will panic. But I think if we knew, say today, people would eventually realize that there was nothing they could do and just come to accept their fate. That's not to say that people would stop trying to blow up the meteor, or whatever, but we would calm down after the initial "OMG! WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!". My apocalypse wish would be that on the last night, December 11th 2012, we could all have a meal "together". I know it seems lame or cliche, but I don't want people to be dying of hunger related diseases the day before the end of the world. At least we'd have one success on the planet before we all perish.

Rena: You're walking along on an abandoned country road when you come to a point where the road splits into two paths; left and right. Which do you choose, and why? Also, even though this really makes it 3 questions, what do you hope to find there?

I, like Vita, would go left. Simply because it's always bugged me that right also means correct (I think this has something to do with the low number of left handed people), and left is just left. So I would take the opposite of right, which is either wrong or left.
At the end of the road, I hope to find a huge surprise party for me, and a cheese panini, because I've been walking a long time and I'm a bit peckish. If it wasn't a surprise party I'd like to find a bunch of happy people. Not just having a good time for the moment, but a group of people who are 100% content with their lives, and are just pleased to be alive at that moment. That's a bit cliche too, but I think walking into utter happiness would be better than a surprise party.

Vita: Regardless of whether you believe in God/another religion/God-like figure or not, what so-called mythical creature/idea/object/person would you like to see brought to life? This can include God him/herself (assuming that God isn't real . . . or if you think he/she is real, then I suppose you could use this as a definitive "yes God is real and I can PROVE IT!" type of wish), Greek gods, dragons, unicorns, good Miley Cyrus songs . . . hehe ;)

This is a toughie. Can I choose a fictional character? Because I would really like to meet Luna Lovegood so she can teach me her weird ways. It would be quite something to learn from the master of oddity. I can't think of much else. I'd like politics and governments to be fair. As for mythical creatures, I don't think I'd bring them about. It would ruin the magic of believing if you knew.

Rena: What do you do when you're sick? (not, like, deathly sick, but just sick enough to get out of going to school.)

Being home schooled, my sick days are pretty similar to my regular days. I go on the computer, I eat, I read, I use up some tissues (if it's a runny nose sort of illness), I read some more, I check my email again, I might play some piano, and that's about all. Not extremely exciting, but hey, being sick sucks. I'd probably wallow a bit. Write in my journal about how crappy I feel. I try not to get bogged down by self-pity, though...
On another note I finished Sarah Dessen's new book, Along For the Ride. Wait was that a secret? I don't really care. My mom works in a bookstore and sometimes she brings home advanced reader copies of up-coming releases. So I read Sarah Dessen's book which is being released next month. It was rather enjoyable, and the characters were as fascinating and diverse as usual in SD's books. I think I've prattled long enough. Until Sunday... wait question:
What are the best and worst thing to put on pizza (that people actually do put on pizza) and what is the best dessert after a pizza.

It's not exactly deep or all that interesting, but I am always curious about the pizza habits of others. Also I have an obsession for the food. Maybe one day I will show you my essay on pizza...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Pathetic Day (and Leprechauns!)

Those of you with supreme brain smartz may realize that I am blogging at around 1:20 pm on a Tuesday. I SHOULD be filling my brain with more smartz and knowledge and stuff. But no.


No, don't panic. I really hate all these people who are out of their minds with paranoia over this, so I make fun of them at every possible opportunity. (which is oh so nice and mature...) I have A COLD, which, although severe enough to keep me from the absolute joys of the school system, is not swine flu!

Before I begin to sound rantish, (I am probably sounding rantish now already, but I digress...) let's get on to my actual blog topic of today. Topic: My Day!


Mostly I've either been sleeping, or on the Internet. (because let's face it, morning TV sucks. I refuse to become an Oprah-zombie.) Thus, I will blog about the Internet!

On, one of today's "top stories" was that Kate Gosselin (of the television superdrama Jon & Kate Plus 8) was allegedly cheating on her husband Jon with her bodyguard. *more gaspz* I feel really awful for their eight kids. They're spending their lives in front of America. And we all know how gawdawful the eye of the media can be on the little minds. On a previous sick day, I watched their TV show once. As much as the parents claim the show isn't harming the kids' lives, I can't help but think it has. All they ever seem to do is go on vacation. It's like, they know they have to keep up the ratings, so they can't ever do anything plain or boring. And they can't ever go anywhere alone. To stress the complete togetherness of their biiiiggg, HA-PPY FAMILY! Seriously? It's scary. No wonder the parents fight during the interviews and the kids are constantly being brats. Families get on each others' nerves, it's normal. But the fact that Kate chooses to deny this like a 1950s style housewife is disturbing. She has some degree of OCD. Lady, two dogs and eight kids and true cleanliness will NEVER be acheived. Deal with it, and go let your kids be 5 years old!

*Now is the point where I would whine "Who cares about these people?" but I have realized that by ranting about them, I have acknowledged that I in fact CARE ABOUT THESE PEOPLE. It's sad, it's wrong, but at least I'm being self aware.*

Now in de-rant mode, on to Vita's question!

I really wish leprechauns were real. Yes, I'm choosing the temperamental, slightly insane, filthy rich leprechauns of folklore and not the dude on the Lucky Charms box. To me leprechauns seem more like they COULD exist somewhere, as opposed to say, unicorns, which could only be created using a substantial amount of genetic engineering, and even then they probably wouldn't look like the shiny white horsies with the shiny magical horns like we've all seen in books, but more like a horse with a horn. Wow, in the time it took me to type that incredibly run-on sentence, I forgot my reasoning completely. Whatever. Leprechauns are cool.

Forgive this run-on-rantastic blog, for I am ill and sickly. *ahem ahem* Oh, the light. I must... follow... the light...

And finally, my ever-inspiring (read: lack of brain cells) question!

What do you do when you're sick? (not, like, deathly sick, but just sick enough to get out of going to school.)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Contemplating the Yellow Brick (Country) Road

[Today will be a bit of a "I don't feel like being organized!" blog. That basically means that I am a) going to ramble on for a bit, b) answer Rena's question, c) pose a new question, and d) leave. : ) ]

This really deserves a blog post of its own, but I'm a bit rushed for time (nothing major - just some homework I still need to do) so I'll just touch on it here. I may come back to it, or maybe I won't? Who knows? I certainly don't. Unfortunately, I lost my Magic 8 ball that predicts the future many years ago.

To be honest, I am dumbfounded by the absurd number of people who still seem to consider women to be in a lower class of Human Bean than men. (Astonishingly, some women feel this way. What the flipping crap? Why would you want to oppress yourself? Seriously, people, get a grip!) This is ridiculous enough on its own, but when you listen to their arguments for it - that just makes me angry.

Consider the following arguments (not necessarily taken verbatum from an Obnoxious Person, but close enough):

1) "Dude, women aren't even smart. All they want is my money and, like, shoes. None of my girls want power. The other ladies just gotta shut up."
Response: Er, what the f@%k? I don't know what kind of women you know, but either they are really, really poor excuses for the female gender, or you're just an stupid a$$hole who doesn't know the first thing about what women want (not that it can even be classified in one word, because, surprise surprise, we all want different things).
Also, I don't appreciate being treated like an inferior human being. And I'm clearly not inferior, because my vocabulary seems to be larger than yours. Oh dear! Try going back to school, perhaps? Or just go back to the rock under which you so obviously live.

2) "I have nothing against women, but the thing is, feminists don't want equality. They want power. Women don't want to be equal to men, they want to rule everything."
Response: I think that I actually understand where this stems from. I believe that these people look at feminists, look at women lawyers, doctors, and politicians, look at women who are aiming to become CEOs of large corporations, and panic. I'm not sure if it's because they feel threatened by the (somewhat) new competition, or if it's just because they're idiots, but they just don't seem to be able to deal with it. True feminists want equality. When we lobby for equal pay, we want equal pay. We don't want pay that is 5% higher than yours, we want to be fairly paid for the work we do. When we run for president, it's not because we to make government women only, it's because we want to be president. And seriously? Look around you. How many women are there in the federal governement? And how many men are there? Right. How many women have been president of the United States? And how many men have been president? Oh, right. I definitely see where men are being pushed out of their jobs. *sarcasm*

I've always loved this feminist slogan, which I believe does an excellent job of summing up the feminist mindset:
"Feminism: The radical notion that women are people."

Rena asked: You're walking along on an abandoned country road when you come to a point where the road splits into two paths; left and right. Which do you choose, and why? Also, even though this really makes it 3 questions, what do you hope to find there?

Left. Definitely left. Because in every single horror movie, everybody ALWAYS chooses right and it's ALWAYS the bad choice. ALWAYS. * I mean, just look at this episode from Scooby Doo:

Am I right? Eh, ehhh?
There are many things I hope to find at the end of this ADVENTURE. However, I believe the most important thing we can give the world is PEACE, so I hope that I will find WORLD PEACE in a compact, tangible form (which I can then unfurl and distributed globally) at the end of the left fork.
Just kidding.
Don't get me wrong, I really really want world peace, but let's be honest, that answer is NO FUN.
Let's consider our options. This is a country road. I am, presumably, on my own. It is possibly dark. There may be dark, ominous clouds gathering on the horizon. This is a country road. Obviously, there is only one thing that would make everything better:

I would like to find ALL OF THIS (especially the Scarecrow, who is played by Neil Cicierega, who makes the Potter Puppet Pal videos! I know! Ahh!). Yes?

Question! Regardless of whether you believe in God/another religion/God-like figure or not, what so-called mythical creature/idea/object/person would you like to see brought to life? This can include God him/herself (assuming that God isn't real . . . or if you think he/she is real, then I suppose you could use this as a definitive "yes God is real and I can PROVE IT!" type of wish), Greek gods, dragons, unicorns, good Miley Cyrus songs . . . hehe ;)

* Or, you know, just in Scooby Doo. BUT I LOVE SCOOBY so I'm going with him. WWSD?

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Note: I wrote a LOT today. So prepare yourselves, and I won't be too hurt it you skip the middle section... at least I won't tell you that I'm hurt.

I don't know who founded surprise parties. Until about six months ago, I had never participated in one, myself. But sometimes duty calls and the perfect situation comes about and you have to throw a surprise party. Such a thing happened last September when my friend Brianne was procrastinating planning her birthday party, and I decided to jump on in, because who doesn't love surprises?

We all clambered into her closet and jumped out, as a homage to Prom Night, where the killer has a thing for closets. I don't remember Brianne's reaction, I suppose she was simply surprised. But when I got home from badminton yesterday, I have to say I was more shocked than surprised. At first I thought my mom had decided to decorate early, rather than get up before me on my birthday and doing it then. It was about that moment when a bunch of people jumped from behind the couch and chair, and I was, well, surprised.

It sounds like I have no faith in my family, when I say I wasn't expecting it. On Friday, I had told my mom that instead of planning the menu myself, I would prefer if she could plan it and surprise me, so it was a bit of a coincidence when that is what they did the next day.

I sat down and before long I was pointing at everyone and asking if they had known about this. I thought it must have been a spur of the moment thing, but apparently the planning had been in the works for a few weeks. I was impressed. No offence intended (and I seriously mean that, I'm not just saying it to cover up for insulting you, which I did do, but didn't mean to)

Now it's my birthday. May 10th. W00T. The most common question that is asked of a person on their birthday is some version of, "do you feel older?" (also common is "how does it feel to be __"). The answer to this is usually some version of "I feel the exact same as I did yesterday". But the weird thing is, that is not an honest answer for me. I do feel older, if not only a little. The thing is, it's only your birthday for one day out of 365 and a 1/4, so the chance that you're actually going to mature a noticeable amount on that day is low. But this year it feels like it's been building up for a while, all year in fact, and now it's all burst to the surface. Fifteen feels like an accomplishment. That's a multiple of five, 30 divided by 2, and a bunch of other mathematical things. In a year, I'll be able to drive (provided I have the required courage and manage to pass the test--I have a premade wish for next year!). Why is it that the age you've just turned always feels WAAAY older than just one day ago.

I don't think I'll have too difficult of a time adjusting to this new fifteen-ness. It's been coming on for a year. I am having an enjoyable birthday, so far. Now I have to get some ice cream. I'm going to come back to this blog when I get back so I can answer Rena's question so though it may take a second for you to scroll down, please know that there was a gap between here and...

Here. Yeah. Ice cream was had. Yum. (apparently ice cream man, Andy, has the same birthday as me. Happy birthday, Andy!)

All this talk of age has reminded me of the OTHER thing I was going to write about. The future. We think about it ALL THE TIME. You go to school and then you go to college so you can be prepared for when you REAL life begins. Because all of your life up until you graduate, isn't real. It's completely fake. It's all been useless other than to prepare you for the future. For getting that job. For finding a partner. For having kids. For your retirement. And then you die. You have to learn and save. Until you die that is. Nothing to prepare you for that. 

It gets you thinking, what's even the point? I'm not trying to sound suicidal, but if your whole life isn't real, what are we trying to get at anyway? I guess you just have to be as happy as you can with what you have at the moment, because you never know when it's all going to end. But why are we so obsessed with preparing ourselves for the "harsh realities" of real life? All these trials and problems I've been through, apparently are just the beginning. Real life is going to be much harder. Oooh, I'm scared, now. Instead of teaching kids to be happy, we teach them how to deal with pain. There's something wrong with that.

After all that doom and gloom I thought I'd leave you with a few snippets of conversation from our chess table last night after the party (for reference we have a Lord of the Rings chess set):

Rachel: Alex is smarter than me. I admit it.
Alex: At least you have the maturity to say that out loud.
R: I will also admit that the last person I won chess against was 9-year-old, and it was just barely.
Caitlyn: (playing with the deceased chess pieces) Saruman's getting his freak on.
A: Frodo is such an idiot. How can Sam put up with him? 
R: Yeah, here's Sam (all the pawns), carrying this huge backpack, and Frodo just wanders around with a sword drawn.
A: The relationship is unequal, and unfair. Sam must revolt!
A: You're not necessarily going to lose, Rachel. Maddy beat me.
C: If more people surrendered, there would be more pride and dignity.
R: I have pride and dignity.
C: You have Sam and Frodo.
R: And Merry.
A: Good game, Rachel. Remind me not to bring you to chess club. I don't want you to be beaten by a five-year-old girl like Maddy was. I'm just thinking of you.

I realize I haven't answered your questions and I will devote my blog on Thursday to it, if I must, because I just want to publish this now. I just have enough energy to proof-read for clarity.

Happy birthday to me. Hope everyone had a good my birthday.

Oh one more thing. It occurred to me, as I was waiting for my ice cream, that May 10th, is just an ordinary day for other people. This year it's Mother's Day, as well, but every other year it's just another day. It's odd to think about it, because it's such an important day for me. For instance, tomorrow is thousands of peoples birthday, and I don't know them, but for me it's just another manic Monday... isn't that something.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sports and the Apocolypse!

I have about the same actual athletic ability as Vita, to a very, very sad degree. But this, I think, enhances my love for sports. The moment of glee I experience when I HIT the ball or do anything that a capable person could do and not even think about is better than even winning the game. Sure, I TRY to fake the ability to play sports, and unfortunately Illinois is one of the only states that still force P.E every single day in public school, so I kind of HAVE to.

My inability however does not at all influence my love for watching other people play sports. Chicago is known throughout the world (okay, maybe not the ENTIRE world...) for having very, very bad sports teams. This also connects your questions....

I would like to pretend that no one would freak out completely knowing that the world was going to end, so the first part of my apocalyptic wish is for people to just CALM DOWN. For one person to calm every compulsive worrier in the world down is pretty much impossible, so that's why I'm leaving it to the hypothetical wish-gods. As December 12th, 2012 progresses like a normal day, the second part of my wish is for the Cubs to WIN THE WORLD SERIES! (simple, I know, but this is what the wish-gods are for. Also, as I think about this, I'm ending the world the way that I personally would like to see it end. Sorry, other people.) Even to non-fans, this would be pretty much the ultimate sign of the apocalypse. I've mostly been talking about the day the world ends, not HOW the world really ends. I just want it to go *poof* and just not exist anymore. The idea of a fiery and prolonged explosion really freaks me out!

Further answering Alex's question, normally I do not like any kind of extreme fanaticism, but in the area of baseball I give in. I blame it on my dad. I was raised this way. I am genetically programmed to LOVE THE CUBS and no other baseball team, for as long as I live. In a way, winning is bypassed and what becomes more important is the atmosphere of the game, knowing that you, you one person, become insignificant and instead you are connected to all of these other people working (not really working as much as rooting, but still) towards a common goal, as cheesearific as that sounds.

It is now my turn to ask a question, so here goes:

You're walking along on an abandoned country road when you come to a point where the road splits into two paths; left and right. Which do you choose, and why? Also, even though this really makes it 3 questions, what do you hope to find there?

As for other sports, I prefer "sports", like professional Scrabble and juggling and gymnastics. They are WAAAAY harder than they look. I have a tremendous amount of respect for these people.

Friday, May 8, 2009

insanity (and zombies) to the nth degree

People are insane.
No, seriously: People - as in the human race, collectively - are legitimately crazy.
We make up all sorts of rules and status quos * and standards that are virtually impossible for any of us to meet, yet whenever any one of us fails to achieve the acceptable standards - as we inevitably will - we are looked down upon.
I'm not saying that we should abandon all forms of politeness or start chewing with our mouths open and spraying any nearby unfortunate soul with various bits of bagel. Politeness allows us to express our gratitude more sincerely, for one thing. And it lets us be nice to those who we want to respect or just be nice to. But there are many instances in which society takes things a step (or three) too far.

For example, when someone asks you, "How you doin'?", the expected reply is, "Very well, madame/monsieur. A thousand blessings upon you and your kin for your kind words of consideration."
It does not matter if your mother, father, estranged uncle, two brothers, one sister, and various cats were all brutally murdered seconds before someone asked you the question. It does not matter if you are suffering from a bad case of the sniffles. You are not allowed to say that you are doing poorly. If you say anything else but those exact words, you are labled as That Girl/Guy/Etc Who Always Complains And Seems To Relish Excruciating Pain And/Or Being Depressed for the rest of your life.

Or consider, for a moment, society's opinion of peas. Eating peas is a b%!ch. It's so flipping hard to stab those little buggers, yet you have to use your fork. Even if you're allowed a spoon, it still takes five hours to get one little pea in your mouth. Of course, such traditions allow us to develop important talents, such as learning how to corrall your peas onto your fork using nothing but sheer willpower (and occasionally a knife). For this reason, I have been forced to decide that peas have been placed on our planet Earth for the sole purpose of assessing endurance.

And God forbid you ever give your opinion. How many times have we experienced a situation in which our friend or peer asks for our absolutely-honest be-as-brutal-as-you-need-to-be critique? I'm not advocating cruelty towards singing performances or anything, but if it's not that good, people very rarely say so. That is not to say that I do the Right Thing all the time. I am somewhat genetically incapable of telling somebody that they cannot sing or paint or whatever - not that you should necessarily say so in so many words, but still. I have no problem with offering advice, but I always phrase it in the kindest way possible, often to the point where it's to a fault or isn't alters the validity of the advice.

But hey, you know, we're people. Making up stupid rules . . . that's what we do. :)

From Alex: "What kind of sports to you like to watch/play?"
Well, Alex, you have posed a very interesting question. The fact of the matter is, I cannot play sports.
Oh, I've tried. Believe me, I've tried. I've doing my time swinging the racket in PE, only to find that my racket actually repels tennis balls. It's the only logical reason to explain why my hand-eye coordination is only tiptoe-steps away from becoming a physical disability.
I suppose my favorite sport is running. I'm no track and field star, but I can run well enough. I find that it can be anywhere from relaxing to a faaabulous way of releasing frustration or energy. And, you know, it's good to know how to run in case the zombie apocalypse strikes in our lifetime . . . which it very well might.
I enjoy watching ice hockey. I find their system of "checking," i.e. periodically slamming each other into walls, to be quite amusing. I generally don't like watching violent sport-like activities, such as boxing or wrestling, but
Also, I like watching gymnastics, dance, and ice-skating. Just because they are more artistic and have more variety, as opposed to the "squat-run-tackle-pause-get extremely angry and tick off the reff-resume game-repeat" technique that is so popular in (American) football.

I don't know if we should do questions where we all answer one question (i.e., Rena and I both would answer Alex's question) or if I should do a new one . . . I suppose I shall think of a different question, just to give your more options. This one will be filled with excitement beyond your wildest dreams because there is a little scenario that accompanies it and it also directly pertains to your survival:

Say the year is 2012. The month? December. The day? The 5th. Yes, that's right . . . according to many people, the world will end in exactly 7 days on 12/12/12. Obviously, since you cannot stop the motion of the ocean and you cannot stop the beat, you cannot stop the destruction of Earth either. Obviously, this knowledge will cause you to live in fear **, to dread every moment that you are alive, yet you desperately want to not die. However, a Magical Alien Genie (the "alien" reference possibly foreshadowing how the world will end?) bursts out of a Glinda-the-goodish-witch-esque bubble and grants you one final wish . . . with limitations. You see, the only option for your only wish is as follows: The apocalypse is coming. How do you want the world to end?

Renata, I'll see you on the morrow. :)

- Fridayactric Vita

* if you wanna be cool, follow one simple rule, stick to the status quoooo
** despite what the optimistic fools who say "if I was going to die tomorrow, I would live my last day in utter bliss and solve world hunger!" claim, we all know that we would be freaking out, not doing our one last Happy Dance . . . if we are being honest, which we are.