Alex is not quite sure how she ended up at the top of this list--because the rest of it is not in alphabetical order--but she's okay with it. Alex is the part of this triangle of love that resides in British Columbia which is in Canada*. She doesn't go to school, instead pretending to write novels and poems and songs (while actually spending most of her time on Tumblr). She's not quite sure what she's actually doing with her life but she'll let you know when she figures it out. You can also read the occasional blog post over at The Corner Notes, her personal blog, if you're feeling intrigued.

Vita is a recent Maryland high school graduate who will be shippin' out to Washington state as a wee college freshman come Fall. She's working on not apologizing too often, but really, she regrets that she is pretty shit at constructing "About Me" sections.  To distract you from this lack of talent, she would like to point out that she can also often be found lurking on Tumblr (usually procrastinating), kinda-sorta on Youtube (usually procrastinating), or even occasionally on Twitter (usually procrastinating).  While she feels no contempt towards her younger self, she does ask that you do not take her past posts as absolute fact of her present life, on the grounds that she is sometimes too opinionated for her own good and then regrets certain outbursts later.  The teenage years are basically a free pass for being an insensitive bitch, right?  Right!

Rena is a junior in an Illinois high school, and is working at this very moment on an About Me section that adheres strongly to Vita's, above, because this was Vita's brilliant idea and also for stylistic consistency. Rena regrets that a.) referring to herself in the third person and b.) the use of the phrase "stylistic consistency" have created an air thick with pretentiousness and additional undertones of bullshittery for her own particular "About Me" section. To follow suit, she directs you to her nooks of procrastination as well: Tumblr, Twitter, and Youtube.

*I hope you don't see this addition as an insult to your intelligence. I'm just going for thoroughness.