Sunday, November 18, 2012

Things I Haven't Already Said on Tumblr.

[I've missed you guys too. It is all Tumblr's fault. Beyond this bracketed statement, I am going to ignore the existence of the hiatus wheeeeee...]

Oh, you guys. Off at non-compulsory* schooling these days.** While I've just been "over [here] getting into Dungeons and Dragons".

Yeah. That's been happening. It's rapidly becoming the highlight of my week, actually, because a.) I associate it with the start of the weekend b.) it really is genuinely fun and c.) I am a little bit in love with the Dungeon Master.***

It's pretty much the weirdest thing I've ever been a part of. Week in and week out, people are slapped, thrown down holes, used as human shields, and generally abused (in-game, don't worry). There are arguments out-of-game, too, and points when I've felt slightly unwelcome and considered not coming the next week.**** But I've never skipped. Dysfunctional family is still family. No one flips over the table and walks out, no matter what goes down. And I appreciate that sense of solidarity. I won't bore you with the mechanics of the game (unless you ask), but suffice it to say our "Gamers' Guild" should really be renamed "Introverts' Social Club and Support Group with Snacks and Dice." (Admittedly, much less catchy.) Roughly half of the meeting is just setting stuff up and talking, unfiltered, about all the nerdy stuff we like. It's really nice to have a weekly outlet for a.) all the aggression I accumulate in the week (even in a fictional universe, there's something immensely satisfying about repeatedly slashing trolls in the face with a sword) and b.) all the enthusiasm I have for [insert thing]. To quote myself (in a slightly different context) from the one time I blogged in March (and yes I'm rereading all recent-past our posts for nostalgia's sake...): "It was kind of like the internet, which was nice." GG is concentrated IRL internet, let me tell you. Everyone acknowledges "fandom", "ermahgerd", and "kawaii" as acceptable in normal conversation. Every Friday is Nyan Cat Friday, even though that meme is over a year old I think. Whovians and Bronies and Sherlockians and Tolkienites roll dice together in (as mentioned, relative) peace and harmony. I am quickly picking up on Japanese interjections (anyone else have those words you've only ever seen written and thus can't pronounce them? "Weeaboo" was one for me, until recently). I (politely) gave a freshman a feminist smackdown face to face. Corrupted by the Internet: It's No Freakin' Wonder We Play D&D.

It is very late and I should sleep but yes let's talk in comments about things like this post or your life or whatever.

Footnotes (remember those?)

* although that's debatable in this economic climate! *badum-tss* *panicked laughter*

** Things you should blog about hint, hint. *notes own hypocrisy*

*** A title much less kinky than it sounds. I am working through this tiny, confusing, "would rather vomit and die than do anything about it"-crush***** with my Real Life friend Abby via tumblr, where she offers such sage advice as "fuck him i mean literally i'm not insulting him he has pretty eyes go" and "SHOVE YOUR HEART INTO HSI [sic] HEART."

**** Until recently I was referred to only as n00b. Supern00b, for variety. The first time aforementioned DM called me by my name I was surprised he knew it.


***** Which, in all fairness to him, is the only kind of crush I am capable of having.


Alex said...

dudebro! I'm so glad you're getting even nerdier with age. My life is pretty good. I go to school occasionally. I got a job at a museum and I work with HISTORY. I don't even have a degree and I work with IMPORTANT THINGS and it's LEGIT.

I want to write another novel but I'm not doing any form of NaNoWriMo for the first time in three years so that's weird. I don't know. I think I got over NaNo. I'm tired of writing shitty things for the sake of it.

life. yeah, okay. bye.

Renata said...

My nerdiness is steeping inside of me like fine wine.

Also! Museums FTW, that sounds amazing. Continue in your legitness.

Yeah, neither am I. I mean I think it can be a useful tool for people who are very motivated by deadlines and a fairly rigid structure (aka people who are not me) but like, only if they don't have anything else putting that amount of pressure on them in real life? Priorities, yo. And besides that, you should just do what you want.