Saturday, December 3, 2011

RP goes multi-media and multi-platform

I posted this on Tumblr earlier (juxtaposed between posts about nipples--such is my DEPTH) but if Vita can do it, so can I. :P (And I don't want to reply to comments with a screenshot.)

  1. Juh-if.
  2. David Bowie: for people who like ALL the genres! (Or BBC crime shows!)
  3. INTERNET FOREVER. (You guys know I include you/Nerdfighteria in my "the internet makes life better" point, don't you?)
In those two list items I just managed to reference the same Hyperbole and a Half post twice. Kill ALL the memes!

Additionally, Alex and I have been having discussion on Tumblr re: my ability to phrase things and preconceived vocal notions. (I find your judgment flattering, because I don't really phrase things as much as stick words between "uh", "like", "um yeah", and sighs that are also laughs and pauses.) But apparently my voice is pleasing to other people! I could work as a newscaster or recite audiobooks for a living. Call me, John. You could have a real 16 year old girl saying, "and then I took off my bra.". . . actually, I wouldn't be able to say that without laughing. So, no.

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Vita said...

I suppose this is only to be expected considering we all hail from different parts of the continent but I kind of love how we all have slightly different accents. I mean they're not heavy but it's like, LOOK! DIVERSITY IN REGIONS!

Also: it's definitely "gggggggif" with a hard "g." What are you talking about.

I agree with the "internet makes life better part" in reference to you guys too. Really though. I appreciate your existence a lot.

I think it's always a slight shock when you hear somebody's voice after imagining it for a long time. Yours fits you though, so good job on that.