Friday, August 20, 2010

Update: In My Absence

[NB: I don't care that the title is incorrectly capitalized. I've all but given up on the rules of capitalizing blog titles as it always leads to uncomfortable looking half-sentences that don't indicate the precision with which I hit the SHIFT key. I don't support the word hierarchy, anyway. I think the little common words are very important!]

Today's blog comes to you in 5 parts:

- Dear Alex, I AM SO JEALOUS OF YOU. Jealously, Vita.
P.S. In all seriousness, I hope you're having a fabulous time on your cruise, even though I am sort of turning into the green monster (no, not the Hulk) due to the fact that you a) are on a cruise, b) you are on a cruise through the Caribbean, and c) you went to the HARRY POTTER THEME PARK! Jealousjealousjealous. 'Tis vair cool that you got to go, though. Raving Persuasions REPRESENT!

- Dear Rena, if I'm not mistaken, I believe your school session (or as I like to call it, your OPPORTUNITY FOR A QUEST OF KNOWLEDGE) starts on Monday. The horror! I feel for you. I'll feel for you more empathetically next Friday when I'm facing my last weekend of relative freedom, but still. I feel for you. I hope you're doing something FUN in celebration this weekend, or at least that you are SLEEPING as much as possible in preparation for the school year. Sympathetically, Vita.

- I went to Pittsburgh earlier this week (that's why there was no blog from me on Monday). Holy crap, it is the cleanest and most stylized major city I have ever visited. Granted, I've only visited about four major cities. REALLY THOUGH. It was quite fun though, even though we went on a Monday when apparently everything and its mother is closed. Well, aside from, like, shops and crap. What I mean to say is that the museums were closed, which is all that matters. We visited the Andy Warhol museum on Tuesday, which inspired me to mentally write a blog post discussing my knowledge of art (or lack thereof).

- I finished the Pretty Little Liars series (the one that you're not supposed to judge me for liking, remember? Although to be fair, you probably wouldn't even care if I stopped reminding you not to judge me and perhaps you are now judging me in an attempt to shut me up? Ah well). It was quite the "thrilling conclusion," as the tagline suggested. All I'll say is that it reminded me of Ending Option #3 of the "Clue" movie: it was good, it was enjoyable, it was surprising, but a part of me just didn't want it to be true. (My sense of regret was somewhat more intense in "Clue" because I love "Clue" A LOT.) Anyway, the whole series is rather addictive and vair easy to read - I literally read the last two books in the series in five or six hours - but I am now at a loss with what to do with my copies of the books. Like, it's the kind of thing you read just to find out what happens, not because you want to savor every last word, you know? Still, after reading the conclusion my whole perspective on the series is skewed, so perhaps I will reread them one day...

- I also finished the Georgia Nicolson series. As I've said before, they are quite literally the funniest books I have ever read in my whole entire life. The first six are the best, I think, but they're all pretty damn hilarious. I think I'm going to force my future children to read them one day; it ought to keep them from ever getting sad, ever.

I'm sure there is MORE to be said but I don't feel liking typing it out, so BYE BYE!

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Astrid said...

You can let me borrow the Pretty Little Liars books. :D