Monday, May 30, 2011

oh hi there

You know those times in your life when you're bounding towards something, single minded in the extreme, and then it ends and you're floundering, seemingly purposeless?

I do.

I've been thinking to myself that I haven't been blogging lately and when I have, I haven't really enjoyed it. I could say that BEDA took a lot of blogging energy and May has been a month to replenish. I still don't like it, the not-blogging.

I love blogging. And I hate when I get so caught up in being busy that I don't do the things that I love. Like playing ukulele and making bagels.

May (the month) seems like a blur to me because I wasn't doing those things. I was getting ready for my road test, stressing and over-thinking, and then camp and now they're both over and I just want something new. Purpose. Passion. I'm tired and I'm tired of it. I've seventeen! I want to celebrate and live!

So here goes another shot. At sleeping and eating properly. At doing something with my days (other than reading. Reading's great and all but writing is good, too, as is going outside once in a while). Here's to counting down until June 22 and then July 15. Here's to enjoying the things I love and filling my days with passion and purpose.

I'm ready for my umpteenth wind, a spurt of energy. But first, sleep.

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