Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some Serious and Non-Serious Rapture-Talk

It's 5:58 here in the good ole heartland.

And if you're reading this, than neither of us are dead, so that'll be great. My Rapture day has been spent in my pajamas, listening to the soundtrack to Grease and being quite hungry but otherwise okay. Oh lookit there, it took me two minutes to type that.

Things I will now be able to do that the rapture would have interfered with:

Eat dinner.
Turn 16.
Watch Doctor Who.
See Deathly Hallows P. 2
Finish this massively large and important Government project.*
Continue to live.

Fun and worthwhile things, every one of them.

Serious time, though. It's easy for the majority of people, flippant nonbelievers of this one 89 year old Bible thumper, to make fun of this supposed prophecy. I'm not going to try to estimate how many people actually believe in this, but think about what they're going to have to deal with, now that their beliefs have been shattered. What will be their rationale for absolutely no one in the world, not even themselves being raptured? Sure, other people are nonbelievers who are full of sin and deserve to rot in hell on earth. But them, no, of course not. Will this whole thing be enough to shake their belief in God or just Harold Camping? Either way, I'd venture to say it will be unsettling for them.

People in cults or who believe in conspiracies and the like are really interesting to me. Not from a "LOLZ, ur so dumb."** standpoint, but sociologically and psychologically. These things are real to them, and they have reasons. They're very unlikely to change my way of thinking, but worth hearing to some degree.


* I feel the need to clarify that I don't mean the actual government, but the class I'm required to take. But seeing as there is no Canadian or Indonesian government course, and humans love abbreviations, Government it is.

** Alright, maybe a few lulz.


Vita said...

I agree! I hope Mr. End of the World Whatsit didn't start crying or anything.
I think people who really believe in the imminent Rapture and such must have a hard time of it, though. If you're in the mindset that the world is going to end, then every bad thing in the world must seem like a sign to you. Like, when the plague and the great fire of London happened in the same year, it's no wonder that the medieval types went a little crazy...
P.s. when is your birthday? Soon, right?

Alex said...

But what if the rapture *did* happen and we just don't realize? Like, what if this, right now, is hell on Earth and we just don't know???!

I don't personally believe it but it's something to consider.

Musings are good. And I'm glad we'll get around to seeing DH.2.