Sunday, September 18, 2011

more Hogwarts house philosophizing

I know, I know, shut up with the house angst, Alex, it's not even real. Butnoseriously, I've had a lot of time to think about this and think about it I have.

Now, if you care, which I don't completely understand why you would but-it's-okay-that-I-don't-understand-you-I've-read-Paper-Towns-it's-all-good, but if you do read on. If you don't--and know in your heart that I don't particularly blame you--here is a pretty picture of Nelson, British Columbia, a town which was the destination of a family road trip this past week. I am silently composing a blog post about this unspeakably rad little city in the mountains but I'm letting it stew before I unleash it. Maybe Thursday? Don't hold your breath. It's unhealthy.

Let's get on with it then, shall we?

On paper, I see how I come across as rather Huffleypuffly. I have all that friendship, loyalty, quiet strength thing going on. I'm kind when I want to be and hardworking when I need to be and many multiple choice quizes have pointed me in the direction of Helga Hufflepuff's noble house. And that's fantastic. Power to the Puffs.

But, says that tiny voice in my head, I associate way more with a couple of Gryffindors than I ever have with any Hufflepuffs. Yeah, sure, that could be because most main characters in Harry Potter favour scarlet and gold--that's where JKR puts the focus and most developmet. I see that. AND, as I was reading on Pottermore yesterday, these two Gryffindors in particular that I recognize myself in were two of the closest to being "hatstalls" in Harry's year.

And maybe that's the point of this seemingly pointless exercise. Isn't that what J.K. Rowling is saying when Dumbledore voices the thought that maybe we sort too soon. And if we sort too soon, than we stereotype too soon as well. Because Hufflepuffs are not leftovers and Slytherin's are not all evil. Let's just do ourselves and each other a favour and admit that we're all a bit hatstall-y.

I think bravery is important and I may not always do the courageous thing but I'm trying, just like Neville. Sometimes, I freak out and run away and stress out about things that don't need to be stressed. But you can be sure that on some level I'm trying to keep calm and logical, like Hermione.

I have no idea where I stand on the matter of relevancy and value and meaning of this whole debacle. And no matter how many hats tell me Hufflepuff like it's that easy, I will be a self proclaimed, hatstalling Gryffinhuffleclaw.*

On another note, whilst on vacation I read approximately four books each of which was enjoyable in it's own right. Of these books, I must recommend A Company of Swans by Eva Ibbotson. This book is unlike most of the things I read but in the most enchanting and whimsical way. It's a story that is so magical and perfectly pieced together that it was impossible not to adore it.

I'm building a reading list for myself tomorrow, including, I hope, some decent non-fiction along with the usual fictitious subjects. Any recommendations?

*I don't think I have any Slytherin qualities, and that's NOT because I have a high opinion of myself and think Slytherins are scummy.

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