Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pottermore, finally and gloriously.

After waiting, through days of watching friends and acquaintances receive their emails, posting screencaps of their wands, expressing disappointment or glee in their houses, through a not-unsubstantial bit of raging over the beta quality and obviously high demand, I'm in.

Straight facts: Chestnut with unicorn core, ten inches, unyielding; Ravenclaw.

Opinions and things: Ravenclaw or not, I was still as giddy as a small child on Christmas during the sorting, and I answered them all in about 10 seconds to ensure I didn't deliberate on them and thus rig it one way or the other. Because, you know, this is/was serious stuff. I'm saying that facetiously now, but it was, in a way. After the giddy sort of random omnipotent magic of Santa/Christmas has faded, how often does that feeling return to us? Pottermore sparked it again. And if that's silly, I don't care. What the especially overly zealous and bitter Tumblrfolk should realize is, firstly, this is a website and thus does not have any real impact on your life, etc. But because it's a website, specifically designed to evoke the "reality" of the Harry Potter world for eleven year olds and any of us who seek to relive our childhoods in some way, I say, just embrace it. Instead of scorning Jo Rowling/whatever mathematical algorithm placed you in Slytherin when you are without doubt a Gryffindor, have fun.

(Vita, what's your username again? Alex posted hers awhile ago, and I somewhat remember yours as being SnidgetOwl??)

And now I should sleep. Possibly expect edits to this, I don't know.

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Vita said...

SnidgetOwl158 (!) Add me add me!
Also, I totally agree about the sorting. It's awesome, it's fun, but it's also, like, not real. Plus, your house doesn't define you! You are who you are regardless! Being put in Ravenclaw doesn't make you smarter, being put in Slytherin doesn't make you more ambitious, it's just a label! Don't worry about it! Just bask in the Harry Potterness of it all! Also I'm really glad you're in! Yay!