Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Retrospective

And some other stuff. Other stuff first:

1. I have openly been neglecting BEDA--I seriously prefer it in August, in hindsight.
2. Though I have kind of inadvertently been doing TEDA (Tumblr-EDA). Which is seriously less difficult than BEDA, because plagiarism is encouraged.

Some progressions in the life of Rena, April 2010-April 2011
(most of which are probably imaginary)

✴ I watch television a lot less.*
✴ The time I would have spent watching TV I spend on the Internet.**
✴ I'm more relaxed. (See bolded parenthetical statement.)
✴ Over the course of a year, I've gone from 14-going-on-12 to actually mentally 15, having stuck my foot even just slightly into the vast yet somewhat necessary cesspool of angst and self-realization. I feel. . .mature? (Says the jobless girl in pajamas at one on a Sunday morning. Whatever. It's a change.)
✴ I've adopted a hobby other people also have; listening to music. (By this I mean on a relatively frequent and independently chosen basis as opposed to only when I'm in my mom's car. Which explains my musical taste extremely well.)

It's 1:35 in the morning I can accomplish no task on the Internet without being distracted by tabs I'm sure I could think of more things so this post would be relevant but I should go to bed.


* Save anything from England, also a change.
** Specifically why the title of this little section does not say "improvements" per se, just progressions.

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Alex said...

On bullet point number four, I have to agree. Although, I feel like I've gotten over the 'nobody understands me' phase*, I've replaced it with people suck, relationships are confusing, life is hard; but at least I like who I'm becoming?'

Also, no self respecting home schooler would ever judge you for wearing pajamas a lot. Pajamas are like a uniform for us unschoolies.

*though, in many ways, it's still an intense part of me and I'm not so distraught about it.