Monday, April 18, 2011

what are titles?

So today, as I spent my ever so exciting spring break cleaning my room, I wondered for the millionth time how anyone can be satisfied with a Kindle or other electronic reading device. I mean, even if you keep on buying tangible books, how can you bear to give up the real thing even to the slightest degree? Because, you know, a Kindle now is like a gateway drug. You say you're going to keep reading tangible books, too, but five years down the line every single book on your shelf is going to have about three inches of dust* and then you'll be sorry you ever started this downwards spiral. I can deal with substituting iPods for CDs, I embrace the expansion of the internet, I'll gladly change my 5% efficient light bulbs for the spirally green ones, but I refuse to sacrifice my library. If I'm going to kill the world, it's going to be through hardback, paperback, and falling-apart-back books.

Other things I did today:
- Woke up at 2 p.m. because I was up late watching Doctor Who last night. Very few, very minimal regrets.
- Cleaned the eff out of my room. I mean, an organized person would still probably be horrified, but I tell you this honestly: I don't give a fuck.
- Made a comprehensive to-do list and thought about how if I do all those things before break ends, I'll be a much happier person, but I really don't want to actually do any of them. Here's to hoping I will.
- Thought about how I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really (is this getting annoying yet?), really don't want to go back to school next week.
- Went to an Orquesta de Guitarras de Barcelona** concert and had my mind blown. Have you ever heard a guitar orchestra? Because you should.
- Read about half a page of my AP Euro book and then went to do other things. I am really screwing myself over here. Tomorrow...
- Made an appointment to get my head o' hair cut because I look like a frickin' nutjob from 1997.

I mean, I was relatively productive...

P.S. Alex, I would leave this as a comment but I don't know if you'd see it because it's been three days*** but: genuinely, thank you very, very much for your comment, and yes, we should Skype more (like maybe I should go online every once in a while)...

* Because apparently having a Kindle = you are a disgusting person who never, ever cleans their room...
** It's in Spanish, yes, so if you don't speak Spanish, shame on you. I don't speak Spanish either. Shame on me.
*** Related question: Does Blogger have a comment notification system? Like emails or anything? If it doesn't, it should.


Alex said...

I get emails whenever a new comment is posted. As in, when I hit 'publish your comment' there is going to be a little ding on my computer because I just got notified of my own commenting habits. :)

Let's talk sometime when you're on spring break. I'm pretty much free during the day.

Alex said...

Oh and I can try to explain how to sign up for comment email alerts.