Sunday, June 19, 2011


It's four minutes until 11 and my eyes are not wanting to show me the world anymore but I'm still upright and in the end, that's what counts. Right?


This week is staring me in the face and its cold demeanor and general fullness is a bit intimidating. Tomorrow, I will be cleaning and teaching a friend how to ride a bike and talking about the future of my community. That's a full schedule. Then Tuesday is Value Village and work and I just realized something. This isn't interesting.

I have this weird thing going on in my brain lately where I literally question everything. Like, if someone says that coconuts are bad, I will actually ask myself what that even means, how one determines the definition of the words 'bad' and 'coconut' and then whether it even matters. You know what's one that gets me? Fair.

What is fair? Is it everyone getting the same resources and opportunities? Is it everyone contributing equal shares or is it everyone contributing what they can or is it people receiving resources and opportunities based on what they contribute? Are we obligated to help people out when they're less fortunate than us? Why?

I don't know if I'm playing Devil's advocate or simply looking critically at the basis of the principles I live my life by. Either way, it's kind of groundbreaking.

And you may be able to tell that I'm tired and everything is seeming far more profound than it actually is. So I will sign off. Goodnight. But what's good?


Vita said...

Girl, I got you. Questioning your principles is good, as long as you don't get so stuck on something that the rest of your life can't function (like philosophers! Or was that too harsh?).

Rena said...

Ditto. I have a feeling existential crises (even if that isn't precisely what you mean by questioning things) are pretty much mandatory at some point in life. Also, exact definitions of adjectives are maddeningly vague.