Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Unifying Power of Noodles

Noodles are awesome. Almost every country in the world has its own uses for noodles. Notably Asian countries and Italy, but hey. We have noodles shaped like Scooby Doo characters and slathered in artificially orangish cheese sauce.* I don't exactly know where I'm going with this but if you happen to be browsing the draft posts (or just reading this as is because I am lazy but also have some kind of blogging complex wherein the fact that I haven't blogged here properly in over a week is significant to me...), I guess it's that there's something comforting about the fact that one thing we have in common, on an international scale, is something as basic as noodles. I realize the placement of this post after Vita's eloquent and kind of horrifying one might detract something from it, but hey.

* Canadians actually buy more Kraft brand mac & cheese dinner than those of us in the US do.

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Vita said...

I should point out that I am by no means the world's healthiest eater. For example, I ate two packets of Annie's Mac & Cheese today, which I assume is only marginally healthier than Kraft (which is undeniably delicious, but alas, my mom never could justify buying it). "Organic pasta" only goes so far. Also, noodles are delicious. Also pasta in general. Unless you are referring to all pasta as noodles, in which case, it's still delicious.