Thursday, March 3, 2011


Despite the fact that it is -21°C (approximately -6°F) there at present, I am ridiculously excited to be travelling to Calgary exactly  three weeks from today.

Why? you ask from behind your computer screen, like any sane person would. Why are you so happy to be going somewhere so frigidly cold that the freezer in your kitchen is probably warmer*? 

Because, dear readers, I have a sister (three, actually. Technicality).

Visiting your grown up sister in her grown up house in a city you've never been to and are generally psyched to visit? Win.

I don't think I've mentioned that my older sister Rachel is currently on a program called Katimavik that's sponsored by the government (one of the few worthwhile things they seem to fund) where you go to a different province and live with ten other youth and work and volunteer and have general fun times. But regardless of whether I've told you, she is. And I'm visiting, come March 24th.

I will leave you with that because I am tired and you probably have homework to do. Don't deny it. I know the reality sucks but soon it will be over and you can follow your dreams. Maybe.

Calgary. Squeeeeeeee.

p.s. I've been reading so many books lately. Namely, It's Kind Of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini; Delirium by Lauren Oliver; Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater; and others. I'm a machine.
p.p.s. For the comment revolution: What are YOU currently looking forward to? ALSO, do you have Goodreads? (It's like Facebook but for books. I recommend it.)

*Yeah, that's right. I have Food Safe Certification which, for you outsiders, means I have a piece of paper that proves I know when food is in the DANGER ZONE. Technically, I don't have the paper on me seeing as how they haven't mailed it to me but that's not my fault. I'm qualified, damn it!

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Rena said...

I just finished Harmonic Feedback by Tara Kell(e?)y and Seth Baumgartner's Love Manifesto, reading an actually decent (minus the analysis and essaying on) book for English class, Fahrenheit 451. (Will be sojourning to the library on th'morrow for more.) It's Kind of a Funny Story is excellent. I'm looking forward to going to Florida over spring break (25th to the 2nd), even though it will be the longest time I've been away from people related to me and involve 15+ hours of driving (and a blog hiatus :o). Also, no. Will look into it.