Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Rant or Something Like It


It's March! When did that happen?** Anyway, as is commonish knowledge, March is Women's History Month. Thanks to my superfeminist English teacher and a few sneaky*** males in my class, an entire period**** was spent in discussion of why such a month exists, and treatment of minorities***** in general. I'm not (i.e, I don't have the brain capacity at present to, and I have before anyway) going to go in-depth as to my position on this, but one thing, one thing bothers me to no end about this argument, and it's the slogan along these lines:

"It's not HISTORY, it's HERSTORY."

It wouldn't be "his story" if the word was split apart! It would be "Hi story" or "His tory". There would have to be two S's in "history" for that to make grammatical sense. The fact that an English teacher employed a grammatically incorrect cliche is rant-inducing to me. Leave it to me to be trivial. So be it. On to the footnotes!

* Ooooh, at footnote at the beginning! Shocking. Somewhat-unecessary apologies for not blogging in a while. We now return to your scheduled blog.
** At midnight, imbecile.
*** I.e, not actually male chauvinist pigs, just exploiting how easy it is to derail this particular teacher's lesson plan.
**** 47 minutes, Alex. ;) Think of all the things you could do in 47 minutes, then compare those things to listening to a 5 sided argument on the dedication of a month to women's history. It's just silly.
***** Which relates to the curriculum because we're reading about the Holocaust, see.


Vita said...

I hadn't thought about that before! That's right, "HERSTORY not HISTORY" doesn't even make sense. Silly people. Tsk tsk.

Don't you just hate when feminists think that supporting women = hating men? DON'T TAKE YOUR SEXUAL REPRESSION OUT ON THE OPPOSITE GENDER, LADIES.
There, I offended both sexes! EQUALITY FOR ALL!

*If yo English teacher really is superfeminist then she'd be probably be like, "That's sexist because you're implying that women are objects that can be obtained," to which I would reply, "Hush, I'm tired."

Vita said...

(I hasten to add that by "feminists" I don't mean "every feminist ever" but rather "if I were to judge certain elements of the feminist movement, the men-haters would be getting many a hairy eyeball from me.")

Alex said...

Thank you for the personal touch. I am too sleepy to add more commenting. Gah.