Saturday, March 12, 2011


I feel like I haven't blogged in a really long time. Technically it's been a week, but nothing you can do will stop my fountains of guilt.* In that week, other topics have been of a magnitude** with which I cannot compare, at least right now. Schoolwork is killing my soul. (A message from my anguished soul: BITCH IT IS SATURDAY I SHOULD NOT HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS.)

Wooo, personification.

While I haven't blogged, I've recently become addicted to tumblr, further spiraling down the path of social media and instant gratification. I like tumblr because it encourages plagiarism of sorts. Things other people have found/created can be used to create an image of myself as a whole. (Philosophical time: isn't this what even IRL existence is, really? Wooo, deep.) Though if you look at my tumblr as a metaphor for myself, I'm pretty random***. Venn diagrams, bouncy gay pride sheep, a meme for music nerds~ (What is that symbol? It's the tilde, only useful in the Spanish language methinks, but more than that, it shall henceforth be used to denote A SUPERTANGENT, like a footnote, but not at very the end, and like a regular tangent, but with intervening non-tangential thoughts.) Nerdfighter jokes, things I'd usually deem inappropriate to devote an entire blog to, such as how American Government is killing my soul. (See above. But not the subject of an entire post, you see.)

~So as not to make this post an advertisement for my tumblr, I'd like to discuss the notion of music nerdery. (I would say Nerdfightery, but for the sake of inclusion--and shorter words--let's assume base-level nerds.) I am not a particularly musical person, but over the years I've come to appreciate it as some people do sports, as a spectator. I like some things that are mainstream/contemporary, whereas conventionally defined music nerds shun that which is popular (see also: hipsters), yet are infatuated with the discographies of bands from *insert decade of choice here*. The percentage of music I enjoy from bygone eras does tend to exceed the percentage that is current, but almost never to the extent/level of absolute infatuation that people on the internet**** are. (Grammatically incorrect sentence ahoy?) And I know it's ridiculous, but it makes me feel like an unworthy nerd. Of course we're always told not to give a shit what other people think, but these things can't be helped.

Actual footnotes:

* Actually more like slight paranoia that you guys will hate me for not blogging.
** . . . no earthquake pun intended.
*** Wrong use of the word random! Disjunct, I mean. In reference to my personality.
**** And IRL. Honestly, "nerdier than thou" seems to have become a thing, and it's not fun.

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