Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sleepy camp tomorrow sleepy

It's that time again. Sleepy blog time. And camp time. And incoherent thought time. And 'Why can't I depend on anyone?' time.

Going camping tomorrow. With my Ranger group. You guys know I'm a Girl Guide, yes? Probably. It's hard to hide these things, not that I try.

I'm tired. And not just sleepy tired. I'm tired of people. I'm tired of being disappointed in people. I'm tired of babysitting people and taking care of everyone and having to take charge because if I don't that charge just lies there, untaken.

Why don't I get taken care of? Why am I, the 2nd year, having to be the leader of all this nonsense because no one else understands the term 'taking initiative'?

Urg, leadership sucks when you've forced to take it because no one else is capable. And yes, I sound like a conceited, bossy, snot for acting this way but I'm sleepy and I'm tired of all this crap which is not a winning combination.

Have a nice weekend, you two. You know I will.


Hannah said...

Three cheers for Girl Guide camping trips! (Although I feel awkward saying that since they're called "Girl Scouts" here.) Some of my favorite times ever have happened on Girl Scout trips...

Vita said...

Next time, force other people to do your work for you. It's good for them.

Rena said...

Ditto. I.e: Just, don't. See how long it takes someone else to do something once you refuse.