Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Tiny Wednesday Rant-ish Thing

Urg. Why are people so stupid? Tell me that, people. Really. Tell me.
I should not be posting this anger here. I shouldn't write about my frustration with other people because they have the address to this blog and even though they never read it, they could. There's a faint possibility that they will be bored of their lives one day and decide to click on the hardly clicked on bookmark that leads here. Then they'll read this explosion of mine and be hurt. Or angry. Or hurt.
But I want to write it anyway. I want to, maybe because I'm in need of an internet vent, maybe it's nice to know they *could* read it and feel hurt but most likely won't, maybe because I secretly want them to read it and feel like moronic jackasses.
Enough of a prenote? Are you dying to know? No? Whatever.

Some friends of mine have Twitter. They got it because I told them to and we form something of a little Twitter group. Most of the time it's cool. Not today.
Today, you see, said friends are planning to go shopping. And let me clarify some things.

  1. I am not upset about not being invited. I'm not really that into shopping (and *maybe* my friends realized this and that is why I was not invited. But probably not).
  2. I have absolutely no issue with my friends getting together without me. I'm actually quite pleased that I do not have to organize everything that we/they do. Yay for other people taking initiative.
  3. I realize that my friend cannot legally drive all of us because she is only allowed to drive one non-family member unless a 25+ supervisor is in the vehicle. If I had been invited, I could have gotten my own way there, but that's another thing entirely.
None of that is the problem. The problem I have is that my friends decided to make these plans on the public network that is Twitter. Not through Direct Messaging or texting, or a private email, all of which would have been just as simple. They communicated their plans to each other via @reply.

I follow them both. They must have known I was going to read their tweets. What the hell were they thinking? Or rather, were they thinking at all? Or are people just so inconsiderate and rude that they don't have the decency to keep their private plans private and not post them all over the internet?

I've come up with the following possible reasons for the above:
  1. They purposefully wanted to exclude me and then throw in my face that I was being excluded. This isn't at all likely as my friends aren't the kind of dramatic bitches that you find in an episode of Gossip Girl, but it's a possibility, nonetheless.
  2. They were absentminded enough to think that I wouldn't read it/find out about their plans.
  3. They didn't care if I found out about their plans or how I felt about it.
  4. They really didn't think about me at all.
I don't know which one of these is preferable. I don't think they were trying to hurt me and, if they were, it didn't work (as mentioned, I don't care that I didn't go shopping this afternoon) but I honestly don't understand why if they were making plans for just the two of them, they had to do it on Twitter, a public domain, unless they are deluded enough to think people care. I'm pretty sure they were both tweeting directly from their cell phones so here comes the really big question: Why didn't they just text each other's phones directly?
The other big question is: Am I a passive aggressive bitch for posting this or is my need for validation justified?


Rena said...

Ouch. That's cruel, but if it was intentional at least they put some thought into their cruelty. Feeling ignored is worse.

I can't answer your questions, but sometimes "that sucks" is enough, right?

Alex said...

That sucks is fine indeed. Thanks :)