Saturday, February 12, 2011


. . .is a word that would be worth 68 points* in Scrabble, and is also the main adjective that could be used to describe this blog post.

-- Borders (the bookstore chain, operating no stores in Canada, that I frequent) is going bankrupt. Sad times. I realize that with some searching I could easily find an indie book shop to support, but sad times nonetheless. Google won't tell me if the one nearest my location is closing, and the suspense is killing me.**

-- The internet has offered me a new fascination: xkcd. Nerdy, and poorly drawn!*** In some ways, though, the subject matter of some comics makes me feel insufficiently nerdy. (Example: I have never seen the entirety of any Star Wars film.) But, as John says, Nerdfighterdom has no prerequisites.

-- It's getting warmer here, and the evidence of Snowpocalypse is slowly disappearing. Much as I hated it when it was new, now I'm starting to miss it. Funny how that happens.

-- I get to wear pajamas to school on Monday. In the spirit/support of the "Turnabout"**** dance I won't be attending, but I don't care. It's a good excuse.


* According to the North American rules, assuming no score-multiplying tiles were covered.
** Not literally.
*** I feel some sort of kindred spirit in the creators of crappily drawn things.
**** Film and television call this a Sadie Hawkins dance. Why won't real life take its cue from them?
***** I haven't been using many footnotes lately. FIX'D.

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