Friday, February 18, 2011


I'm trying this thing where I actually do what I say I'm going to do.

Don't you hate when people flake out at the last second? It's like, if you don't want to do something, then tell me so I can adjust my own life. If you do want to do something, then do it! It's not difficult and yet I have done an astoundingly poor job of actually following that advice. But. I'm changing.

For example, I said I was going to give blood, and I did, and now I would feel great, except I just got home (well -- I just got home, an hour ago) from a soul-killing Chicago rehearsal and now I am happy/delirious/frustrated/grateful/impatient/ET CETERA. (P.S. I'm not anemic! Meaning that I am yet another Google-search-induced hypochondriac.)

I told myself that if I write this blog post then I can watch 30 Rock and then go to sleep (yes, I prioritize 30 Rock over sleep). And I'm doing that now! It may be a shitty blog post but at least it's being birthed.

There's this other thing when I said that I was going to blog every Monday and Friday and now I'm doing that and I'm going to keep doing that. I really do apologize. Just... yeah. No words, man.

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Alex said...

Flakage is universally sucky. Also, lateness. I try to be understanding because I'm often behind schedule myself but sometimes, as I'm waiting alone in my living room for someone to show up, I can't help wondering if the late person values my time at all or if they remember my phone number to call.

Cancelled plans and tardiness are generally not a lot of fun.

p.s. Glad to have you back. :)