Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hello. (hello, HOLA! I'm at a place called Vertigo...)

I've figured out why I haven't been commenting on blogs as much lately; it's so that my blogs can basically be extended comments and I don't really have to think of my own topic whilst still adding. . . something to the blog as a whole. This tactic comes in handy at 11:21 in the postmeridian.

Proof That I Am Still Somehow Culturally Literate

"Blink and you're dead"--Doctor Who (I'm definitely using this for awkward silences now. No one I know will get it, but it doesn't matter. I'll get it, and I shall snicker inwardly at my own cleverness. I tend to make a lot of these sorts of references, though, and most of them aren't understood by company under the age of 30. Both my parents started me young by doing this with song lyrics. Now some phrases have garnered a memetic status, requiring singing by a sort of unwritten rule. Never tell me to whip anything, for your own good. Unrelated but sort of related: I less than three The Breakfast Club. I feel your pain.)
The Circle of Life (volume and exaggeratedness will vary)--The Lion King
Warner Chilcott-- Vlogbrothers
All three responses to stop-- songs. (Oooh sophisticated.)
"Don't go down there Mr. Frodo"-- Lord of the Rings, amirite? I should get around to reading that.
"Girls just wanna have fun"-- The titular phrase of an annoying 80s song.
"You can't stop the beat!" (Or the motion of the ocean or--ALEX WHAT HAVE YOU STARTED?)--Hairspray
"Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die."--The Princess Bride (more absolute less than three.)

Darn, I was sure I knew more than that. I've heard them, I just can't place where they came from. I might have to Google them. But it's not like this has stopped me before. I love "I AM DISAPPOINT." even though I don't know what it refers to. The preterite is for losers. Also, for sexual sounding comments, in defiance of "No homo." (this seems to have died down, though. Yay.), I've started ending sentences with "...and I mean that in the most homoerotic way possible." "The game." has come out of the Annoying Repetition Valley, too, into the Peak of Awesome. And now I feel like making a flowchart. So I might. Yay.

Re: Title-- There are people who don't say "hello" because the word itself is 4/5ths "hell". They are dead serious.

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Vita said...

Ahahahahaa people are dumb. (That was judgmental. I don't care. If anyone ever says "heavenO" to me, I will promptly slap them. (Not really but I will internally judge them.))