Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mixed Feelings on Everyday People

In my life, I have lot of misunderstandings and communication issues and general screw-ups in relation to interfacing with other people. Shocker, I know. When these sorts of things take place, it's really easy for me to retreat back inside and think, I really hate people. 

Then come the brighter days when a comment will reach me in a certain fashion and rather than get angry, I can take a step back and evaluate. I'll metaphorically tilt my head and think, People are so incredibly fascinating.

Today was a bit of both. I got angry and then felt bad for it. I ranted and then wondered what part of the story I was missing. I made some hasty statements and then amended them. And that, my friends, feels like growth.

I'm not at a point where people don't bother me and I'm not in complete control. Maybe I never will be. But it's nice to know I'm pointed in that direction. I'm conscious and thoughtful, if not totally on top of every stray thought and feeling. Seems progress-y to me and I'm happy about it.

p.s. Pottermore! w00t! Me: sparksfelicis142. See you there.

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