Thursday, May 20, 2010


I love the word oops. You really don't hear it enough these days. Though, I suppose it is a word you don't really want to hear unless you enjoy minor catastrophes.

In other news, I just said on Twitter that I'm going to the movies with a stranger, which is quite true. I will let you use your imagination on that one.

And now, another list!
Things I Plan To Do/Accomplish This Year That I Will Not Call Goals
(Excepts Perhaps In My Head)
  • Learn to drive and get a real license.*
  • Go on an adventure.
  • Get a job.
  • Work. Accumulate money. Contribute to society.
  • Learn to cook more food.
  • Be an expert gardener.
  • Go to Europe.**
  • Read 8 classics.
  • Blog.
  • Be fluent in Spanish and conversational in French***.
  • Learn stuff.
  • Finish editing my novel and get a literary agent.
  • Write another novel, NaNoWriMo style.
  • Follow my bliss.
  • Make new friends.
  • Be awesome.
I hope that you guys are enjoying the world this week and my apologies for not blogging on Sunday. Long story short (I love saying that), I went to this big colosseum place to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Girl Guides and it was horrible. It is best summed up in this instant message conversation I had with a friend: Ignore that if you already read it from my Twitter.

Have an awesome weekend. Do you two have a long weekend for Victoria Day? Probably not, what with your country separating from the British and all. Your loss, I hear Queen Victoria was pretty kick ass and statutory holidays win. I'll try to figure out how to blog on Sunday even though I will technically be in the wilderness where there will be jell-o wrestling and disgusting eating contests. Oh, Skeeter, you frighten me.

*A real license, in case you're curious, is one that does not entail any ageist restrictions and allows me to transport myself alone. Also, fun fact: I can actually get this real license while I am still 16 because, although it says you must have your learners permit for a year, you can actually take the road test two weeks less than a year after you pass the knowledge test. So let's all reward the eager beavers of the world.
**My sister and I are planning a whirlwind trip to Europe next spring and, yes, my life is this amazing.
***Did I ever mention that I'm learning French? (Souhaitez-vous aller à la chambre des secrets avec moi?) p.s. feel free to correct my grammar on that.


Vita said...

Oui, je voudrais aller à la chambre des secrets avec toi - si le basilic est mort. Autrement, non, c'est trop effrayant. :O

YOU CAN'T JUST LEAVE US HANGING. Movie with a stranger? Details?? (Don't get killed)

Alex said...

I would reply in French, but my language skills are still primitive, yes? And so all I know how to say is my chambre des secret line and 'No, I will not go with you'.

Also, movie with a stranger went well. I survived and wasn't even drugged or anything. It was a girl I met online from my [online] school and she was tres wonderful. Plus, as it turns out, Letters to Juliet is not half bad. Or perhaps I'm just susceptible to British boys and Italy.

Rena said...

Puedo ayudarte en español, y si, entro la cámara de los secretos contigo. Los referencios de Harry Potter en otros idiomas por la victoria!

Glad the movie went well. :) I want to see Letters to Juliet for those exact reasons.