Monday, May 17, 2010

In Which the Vampires Depart from my Mind

Sup guys.

I just went on Stephenie Meyer's website for the first time in what must be around a year.

Don't judge me, please. I swear I was only looking for her opinion on Arizona's new immigration law, since that is the kind and tolerant* state that she resides in.

Although I unfortunately did not find any editorial on that subject, I DID discover something far far better: there is a Twilight Graphic Novel! OMGZ!! I wonder if they added glitter to Edward's sparkling visage!!

For the past several months, I've refrained from mocking Twilight. In fact, I've hardly mentioned - or even thought about - it at all. Is this a sign that the series is slowly dying in popularity? Is it becoming less interesting only to those who attend my school in Maryland? These are questions that I fear will remain elusive for quite some time; after all, the Eclipse movie hasn't been released yet.

w00t. I hope y'alls are exxxxxxxxxxcited.

Moreover, I like to think that this represents a character development on my part. It is after all somewhat pointless to spend a great portion of your time slamming a book that you could quite easily ignore - perhaps not its existence itself, but certainly all of the hype around it. Unless you live in Forks, Washington, the best advice I have for Twilight haters is to simply Get Over It.

Seriously. Who gives a fuck. It's a poorly written book that contains irritating characters. It's popular. It doesn't concern you. If you claim that your life has been ruined by Twilight, I probably won't believe you, you sympathy-seeking attention whore.

Ahh, it feels nice to say that. It's a very satisfying feeling to realize that you (by which I mean I) have grown enough to be able to acknowledge crappy insignificant things and take them in stride. Henceforth, I daresay I will find the hardcore Twilight bashers just as aggravating as the series' most dedicated devotees.

* JK. Until it becomes a tad less racist, I hereby declare Arizona to be a jerkface.

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Alex said...

*high fives all around*
I am so completely with you. I've all but moved on from my Twihating and, aside from a couple Edward bashing jokes every so often, I am happy to say that I can hear the word Twilight in conversation and not even cringe.

Also, don't feel bad to going on the website. I was bored a couple weeks ago and went on to learn the latest Twilight shenanigans. Apparently the woman is publishing a short story about the vamp who gets killed in Eclipse. Plus, I saw the graphic novel in a bookstore. There's going to be more parts.

I don't even know what to think.