Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Morbid Musings

Hello all. Thank you for your pleasant wishes regarding my age. I have quite enjoyed the previous day, as well as today, the first of my sixteenth year of physical existence.

LOLZ, I just wanted to fake some maturity for a sentence and a half. Maturity has nothing to with age. I'm going to see the fourth Shrek and then eat chocolate fondue Saturday, which I'm quite looking forward to. (Neither activity is particularly dainty, either. I will probably snicker at the hidden innuendo and wind up with a sugar buzz...)

I don't understand what "Happy Birthday" is supposed to insinuate, though. Like a short and decent way of saying, "Wow, I'm really happy you're still alive. Not that I didn't *expect* you to live another year or anything, but it's still worthy of note. You + life = Yay, let's eat cake. You + no life = sadness. And little chance for cake. Because that would just be disrespectful, wouldn't it? Would you personally mind if we had cake at your funeral? Not that I'd actually ask you that question, but if you can read this much into two words, would you mind that answering now?"

Maybe I'm a weirdo and "Happy Birthday" should be left alone. Wait, that's two ideas. The former is TRUE, but has nothing to do with the latter.

Other than that self-indulgent tangent, I have nothing interesting to tell you. It is ungodly hot here and I have 3 days of school left. It's this time of year I take back all my whining about starting school in mid-August. Anyway, happy Geek Pride day. That's all I have to say. That just rhymed. But it's not like I timed (it). Yes, that was bad. (And it threw off the syllable count!)

Because I'm thinking about it, (though selfishly about the weather) what's bothering you? Through this blog lately you've granted me that unspoken yet deeply craved License To Whine About Shit, so here you go.

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