Sunday, May 2, 2010

Inappropriate things I heard at book club (this title is misleading)

Rena: You're right, admiring Bob the Builder's hair isn't really feasible. It sounded funny at the time.

Vita: I've actually just read this book called College Without High School that basically describes and addresses the issues with high school and why teenagers should quit going and spend more time on adventures while still being able to show colleges they're prepared and worthy students. Obviously, I'm past the quitting stage but I found it really interesting because I have this issue with not wanting to do formal coursework so I can officially graduate and at the same time not wanting to have the university/college door slam shut because of that.

It was also great to read because it outlined a few of my educational philosophies such as that learning should be driven my curiosity and an eagerness to learn rather than a curriculum and teachers constantly on your back with homework assignments and test dates. Another one is that friendship and "socialization" thrives under shared interest and activity, not shared captivity. Now I have something intelligent to say when someone asks me if I have problems making friends. Yay.

Having said that, I don't know if I'll ever be able to function "normally" in regular societal conversations. Or at least what I've been experiencing lately. The only thing strangers seem to want to talk about is school, graduation, hockey and school. Basically, I'm destined to stand at the food table at all events in my future but somehow I'm okay with that. I like food.

On a slightly unrelated note, I went to a book club last week at the library where they were discussing An Abundance of Katherines. I was kind of excited when I found out, so I went with my younger sister and we were the youngest people in the room by about 40 years. The librarians hosting the book club picked the book off the list because they thought it was about Katherine of Aragon and Henry VIII. I thought that was incredibly funny. What a surprise to have opened the book and read the first sentence thinking it would be about an English queen. I think the first sentence is something like, "On the day I graduated, I took a bath." Something about a bath anyway. Talk about shock.

We were there for about an hour and a half and probably talked directly about the book for twenty minutes. The rest of the time was spent on indirectly related topics such as students taking time off school before college, the likelihood of a seventeen-year-old having had nineteen girlfriends all named Katherine, the likelihood of knowing eighteen girls named Katherine, where the current generation of teenagers learn about sex, whether sexually active teenagers use condoms or not and then there was the part where they directly interrogated my sister and I. It was all in a very nice, curious way but kind of awkward none-the-less. Also, I don't think I'm your average portrayal of a teenager but that's just my opinion.

Maddy and I both agreed it was actually a really enjoyable experience and we will both be going back next month. I think it was worth it all simply to hear a sixty year old woman say blow job. I am not even kidding. I kind of wish I were.

Speaking of book clubs, what happened to our version? I think I'm going to re-read The Book Thief because I watched a YouTube review and it made me realize how much I loved that book. Read anything interesting lately? I have not, sadly, but I'm hoping May will hold many exciting books for me. And I'm going to stop myself from doing too much re-reading.

I must stop writing now and sleep.


Rena said...

Hahaha, the comments of the elderly are funny. (My grandmother is fond of the term "cougar"...) Did they finish/enjoy the book even though it's obvious that it's a book about teenagers by the second page?

Book Club: Yeah, what about that? We did Going Bovine right? Umm, most recently I read the Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy series (all 5 of them. Quite awesome. Almost old enough to be called classic and now the author is dead. :() and Lamb somethingsomething Really Long Title... lots of biblical references, but Jesus knew kung-fu. FTW. And one called Alice, I Think (actual title) that reminded me of you. (Unschooled Canadian with awesome style of writing) Wow this comment is long.

Alex said...

I read Alice, I Think, like, three years ago!! I don't really remember what it was about but I think I liked it.

Yes, they finished the book and seemed to like it. Even the somewhat crude humor. I need to re-read Katherines only I'm trying not to re-read this month. Aaah, conundrums.