Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If I Were To Express My Current Opinion On Anything

. . . 'Twould be wise to expect expletives. So I'm not going to torture you with that. Instead, Google! As an extra twist, I will answer the next 5 prompts in 5 words! Challenges!

"Could you live without that one special person in your life?"
A: And who is that, exactly?

"What foods do you keep out of sight?"
A: None. Visible food is good.

"Can you accept yourself as you are?"
A: Question begets question: can I?

"Why should I forgive?"
A: Because. Jesus wants you to.

"There was a time when you almost threw in the towel. Write about that experience."
A: Ongoing crap. "Almost" is uncertain.

And there you have it. Challenge was devised to be concise and lazy in thoughts. Further challenges/themes/questions welcome.

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Vita said...

Good luck wiff yo exams! (You're doing exams now, right?) Remember to sleep!