Saturday, June 5, 2010

3rd Grade Poetry Techniques

Diamond-shaped, short
Learned in school
Content, simple, expressive, inspired

Godlike source of all knowledge
O, my love I do pledge
Other "O", this is hard, the hell with it
Gee, I'm being a twit
La, la, I hate rhyming
Evidently that's a sure thing

Actually an interesting form of poem I did in elementary school, less deep (okay, *hopefully* less deep) than the one below, obviously... (results are revealing of personality and can be non-rhyming, yay! If you want to post yours as an easy, cop-out blog idea like I have, use "I *verb*" and replace what I wrote with your personal sentiments that match the verb.)

I am scatterbrained and thoughtful
I wonder about both trivial things and unanswerable questions
I hear voices transformed into conversations
I see complexities where there shouldn't be
I want to understand--everything
I am scatterbrained and thoughtful

I pretend to be better than I am
I feel the humid summer mist wash over me in the darkness
I touch the lives that drift past mine
I worry that I won't make a difference
I cry over pretty random things, in retrospect
I am scatterbrained and thoughtful

I understand second grade math
I say things in order to be heard
I dream that I'm floating
I try to find balance
I hope that the next day will be interesting
I am scatterbrained and thoughtful

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Vita said...


I don't know what else to say except that elementary school poetry is the best kind.