Monday, June 7, 2010

what the blazes is going on?


I've said that the only exams I'm planning on studying for are Chem and Algebra, which is mostly true (I need to study for those) but also a little bit of a lie as I have to brush up on my French (avant vendredi, j'aurai appris comment les pronoms français marchent. Aussi j'aurais appris si on peut utiliser "marcher" comme ça. Cette langue est déroutante. Laquelle? Celle-ci! Mon dieu, je ne sais rien*) and, er, learn how to use Inventor. Okay. I don't know if I should bother studying for Engineering; I haven't learned a single thing this year and my teacher is making everyone take the "college level" course. 1) It's not even an honors class, 2) I'm not taking Engineering in college so I don't need the college credit, 3) the only reason I'm taking Engineering is because I need a Tech credit and Introductions to Technology was full, 4) I'd rather not fail the exam of my only non-MYP class. Maybe that's a bit "high and mighty" of me, but really? I don't want to get a B for the semester just because I, er, haven't learned anything.

Please don't comment on my flawed logic. I'm trying not to break the I-am-doing-the-best-I-can façade that I have so delicately upheld this past year.

Allow me to comment on how my History textbook for next year is A HUNDRED FUCKING DOLLARS. Aiight so perhaps I haven't got the right to complain seeing as a) there is an option to borrow a school textbook (although this is not encouraged), b) you could theoretically get a used one for (relatively) cheap cheap cheap, and c) when ordered through the school, it's twenty dollars less than it otherwise would be. REGARDLESS, what the hell, are we in college or something? GAWSH DANG

Can I also say that I HATE HATE HATE when people use commas incorrectly? I mean I know I use them incorrectly on this blog all the goddamn time; HOWEVER, I normally use them correctly in essays (at least I try to!) and more importantly, I KNOW HOW TO LIST THINGS. OH MY GOD, if you have "a, b, and c," YOU NEED A COMMA AFTER B. Just saying just saying just saying.

Seriously though I need to take a composition class dedicated to comma usage. Important skill, that is.

PS, I have enjoyed our little cyber "poetry slam;" we should do this again EH EH? ;-)

* Out of curiosity, I put this into Google Translate and let me tell you, Google Translate is not up to date on its verbs. Since y'alls don't speak French (neither do I fluently, although I'm trying! I really am): "Before Friday [the day of my French exam], I will have learned how French pronouns work. Also I will have learned if one can use "marcher" like that [to mean "to work"]. This language is confusing. Which one? This one! My god, I don't know anything."

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