Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oops And Other Underused Expressions

It's World Upsy Daisy Day. Did you need to know that? Yes, you did. (and World Ocean Day. Henceforth, also World Double Fuck You Day to BP.)

This started because it's late and I have nothing of note to blog about, but then I remembered Alex's previous blog on "Oops" and minor crises. "Upsy Daisy" is another such phrase. Unless you're fond of it and/or in front of a 4-year-old for use in lieu of stronger curses, there's really no occasion for it. This should be fixed. Other archaic (as opposed to simply a bit childish) expressions/words I implore the general public/persons reading this to invoke in common conversation:

Egad! (LYK OMGZ.)
Zounds! (ZOMGZ!!)
Avaunt! (Go away! Or, in keeping with CAPZ LOCK: TROLL!!!1!111)
Beforetime (previously)
Eftsoons (soon after)
Belike (likely)
Lackaday (This is regretful!-- whatever, it's listed as an interjection...)
Thenceforth (from that time on)
Forsooth (indeed)
Prithee (please)
Lachrymose (sad)

I hope you have enjoyed another installment of List Time. Goodnight.

EDIT: Also used beforetime in Vita's blog "what the blazes" is another good example. You win awesome points.

1 comment:

Vita said...

I still use "thenceforth." It's the perfect concise alternative to "from then on" or whatever.

Anyhoo, I agree; as a society, we really need to up our vocabulary. C'MON GUYS.