Saturday, June 19, 2010

In Which... there's stuff. I promise.

***Preemptive footnote: All footnotes after (and including, but you get the drift. This is the only one the goes here, the rest will be at the end with their corresponding myriads of asterisks) this one mark where I have revised this. I started... earlier and now it's later and I'm not going as insane. Enjoy my commentary to myself, this is how my brain works.***

WHEN will it stop being so HOT?! asdfkjklovnrkx3! Stupid summer.*

OMG I need to shut up about this. Seriously. The fact that I'm pointing it out does not make my whining acceptable, moving on. . .**

I like ice. But it's such a uselessly useful thing. Think about, ice has ONE purpose: to keep things cold (including the Earth, and arctic animals). Ice would be useless if it were not for its coldness***, yet it's so necessary to modern food storage and other comforts we in the western world**** so take for granted. But, if ice is considered only an extension of water, it in itself does not have one use, ice is one of the many uses of water. Water is like that. If water was a sentient being, do you think freezing it would hurt it? Would boiling hurt more or less than freezing? If this living water-animal thing had a cute enough scream I'm pretty sure people would die of dehydration before they knowingly killed something the screamed cutely.*****

Because I haven't said it yet: Happy BIRTHDAY, Vita! I realize this is belated, but I hope it went well and I hope today also went well and now I'm just scrambling for relevant and simultaneously coherent thoughts, so.******

ALSO in response to Vita's post I went back and reread (the other posts on this blog about) The Hunger Games, and... I've forgotten the ending. At least, the details. Which I'm sure make the book more interesting and such, but I think the things I DO actually remember say something about the impact it had on me and whatnot:

1. Haymitch! *heart* Dumbledore meets alcohol plus stealth. Yay.
2. DEATHS. Lots and lots of deaths.
3. I like(d-ish) Peeta but I also contradictorily pointed out his blatant clichéness which bordered on being annoying. It's not all his fault, though. Katniss is like, Action Bella Swan (minus the fawning/helplessness, very much minus). She's stupid when it comes to things that don't involve physical survival, my thoughts amount to, "ZOMG just pick him or kill him or DO SOMETHING about your damned romantic situation and get back to killing people, kthnx." Maybe I'm morbid and heartless and forgetting things, but meh.

I'm horribly sunburned and have been up since 5:30 (in the morning. Apparently that time exists, but I'm never awake to see it for myself). I am not accustomed to either of these things.

Copious Footnoting:

*Yes, blaming the seasons was an eloquent start.

**Okay, great lengths are taken to point out and then refute the pointing-out of this point, but does it ever really go away? No. It's like the theme of this post.

***What I mean to say is that if they were just non-cold shapes of things that look like ice, then that would be pointless.

****I just seriously stuck the phrase "we in the western world" into this nonsense. Really, self?


******Logical sentence endings, nowhere to be found. . . minus 10 points for that and minus another 24 for ending this way, in a footnote, using this meaningless points system that I just made up to mock my horrid syntax and logic and everything else. :P(*******)

*******A subtraction of 42 for the frivolous emoticon.

Now I'm done. Really.

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Vita said...

Haha, your comment on ice reminds of the whole "If this object wasn't like this, it would be different" complex. It sounds so profound, yet when you really look at it, it's so... obvious. ;)

I'm glad water isn't alive. I would cry every day. (Or I'd become hardened to the cruelty of the world and I'd mercilessly murder the Water Creature in a desperate attempt at survival. Either one.)

Ahhhh, I see what you mean about Katniss. So jokes and yet so frustrating.