Sunday, June 27, 2010

To read or not to read

My summer is going to be a whirlwind of socialization and writing. I think I'm actually going to get sick of my purported friends. To give you a brief idea of our social engagements here is a glance at this week:
Tomorrow (Monday) is knitting/swimming club. I am going to be knitting a Ravenclaw tie for Tuesday night.
Tuesday is Eclipse. We are going to the midnight showing dressed up as Harry Potter characters. I am alternate reality Hermione who turned out to be a Ravenclaw.
Wednesday, I will be partying with my Ranger unit at the beach.
Thursday is the birthday of this great nation and I'm volunteering at a huge event because for some reason people like to celebrate this one time when a bunch of balding men got together, signed a document and were like, "Yeah, that's right Britain. We don't want you either."
Friday, I'm hosting book club. Looking For Alaska. Needless to say I am beyond excited. Forcing my friends to read my favourite books under the guise of a book club is genius.
Saturday, I'm going to a tea party that is something of a sequel to my wildly successful murder mystery birthday party.

Should I be happy about these opportunities for socializing? Because I feel like I already need a break and I can say that because none of my friends read my blog (not that I wouldn't say that if they were reading. God, I'm such a bitch.). Moody tangent time...

My blog is the part of me that's optional, you know? If you invite me to your house, you get all of this nonsense that is my person but my blogging habits are different in that I don't force my blog on anyone. You have to want it. So lately I've been feeling a little hurt by that because not everyone wants to go that extra mile to get to know me. I'm getting over it. Hey, I'm a writer, we need to be wounded and suffering or else there's nothing to fuel our work. now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go write some super emotional poetry.

What I am trying to say is thank you for reading this. It means a whole lot to me that you care, even if I didn't say a whole lot of interest today. And I stand by what I once said about how the most romantic thing in the world, ever, would be a guy who stayed up all night reading my blog posts. *sigh*


Vita said...

A knitting/swimming club, as in the two are combined? Sounds exciting! Won't your yarn get wet, though? :(

GRACIOUS, I am SO JEALOUS of your Twilight/Harry Potter capers! A friend & I were talking about doing that for New Moon, but a) it was released on a night I had to work for the play and b) we just sort of never got around to it. And then I honestly didn't even realize that Eclipse was coming out the summer until very, very recently (like... two days ago), so there's not really any time/tickets left to do that now... have fun though! The movie looks hilarious.

Haha, poor Britain, always getting rejected by their colonies :(

Rena said...

--Ties can be knit? Sounds awesome.

--The term "Ranger unit" makes me think of mounties. If you are a secret mountie I am going to be VERY JEALOUS.

--American independence is pretty much the same but with more profanities/exclamation marks/pyrotechnics.

--Ditto on the blog reading = romance thing. It's simultaneously nerdy and shy and on the *right* side of the stalkery-line.