Thursday, January 6, 2011


Nonitalics/Oblique: Vita
Italics: Alex

Things I Have Learned this Week (and a thing that I already knew):

- I can safely cross "journalist" off of my list o' possible writing-related careers. Here's the thing: I believe that journalists have one of the most important jobs available. I believe that all of the news sources need to fire their biased* reporters/journalists and their journalists/reporters that don't like to research. I believe that good journalists are honest, level-headed, intelligent, hard-working, demanding, extroverted (or at least good at suppressing their introversion), skilled at writing, and well-informed but even more so possessors of a desire to become well-informed.

But fuck I'm too uncomfortable around people to be an honest-to-God journalist. I like people, I'm not an awkward caterpillar all aloney on my owny, and I think I'm actually pretty good at pretending to be confident even if I'm not, but I don't like demanding things of people, even if it's just an answer to this MOTHEREFFING QUESTION on this MOTHEREFFING PLANE. The thing is, once I start interviewing somebody, I'm totally fine -- I kind of get into it and sometimes I even improvise questions!! Oh my gaaah! However, these were people that I know, yet even so, the prospect of interviewing them seemed supremely unappealing. I see this trend in other situations as well -- I never *want* to do stuff, but once I actually do it, I usually end up having fun.

- This whole Draft January thing so far has basically consisted of me opening Vita's old drafts, reading her opinions and then adding my own commentary. This is fun for me but I feel kind of bad stealing these from you, Vita. I mean, maybe you wanted to go back and finish these yourself.** Maybe you wanted to fix these (in your opinion) broken thoughts which I find endlessly fascinating. I feel no need to delete or even edit. Maybe this is a purposeful draft and you didn't want this posted. If so, sorry. If not, you're brilliant and you should hit publish all the time.

- Vita has the most drafts left (11), I have the second most (9) and Rena has the least (4). I don't know what this says about us.

- Saying goodbye kind of sucks. Okay, so I already knew that. But two sisters leaving me on the same day leads to nothing but a tear stained complexion and Florence + the Machine on repeat.*** I'm fine. 

- Sometimes things just don't work out. That's okay.

*that is, biased outside the uncontrollable realm of slight human bias
**If you want to re-edit this after I've posted it, feel free.
***It's become my comfort music.

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