Sunday, January 30, 2011

12/1/10 -- Grocery Antics part 2

(excuse my sudden Sunday blog extravaganza but I'm apparently feeling bloggy today)

It's Wednesday! NaNoWriMo is over. Huzzah. This may sound odd but I'm not really excited about having finished the first draft of my second novel. I guess I am in a way but I equate that happiness to November finally being over. Not really over but mostly over. Now I can be lazy leisurely in editing and rewriting. And that is something to celebrate.

Back to grocery store work. I feel the need to retract my previous blog about how the grocery manager at my work calls me Alexandria even after I told him to call me Alex because yesterday he called me Alex. Repeatedly. And I nearly died of shock. Then I felt guilty for ranting in blog form when he's such a nice guy and I'm grateful that I get to work with people who are so easy going and friendly. I am so happy at work, even if I never got a safety walk like I was promised. Where are the fire extinguishers? No one ever told me.

The second item on my list was "Burgeoning obsessive compulsive disorder" which I guess has been true throughout my life but now applies to food on shelves. It's not a huge thing but people have laughed at me for fixing displays while grocery shopping.

The grocery store I work in is small[er than most conventional grocery stores] and has both organic and conventional food available but emphasizes organically certified, Fair Trade, local products etc, etc. And being a smaller store, I say we focus more on how everything looks. With less shelf space, every square inch matters and everything is kept full or at least to the front of the shelf so you don't have to reach your arm back to grab something. And now I sound all superior and uppity. Joy.

But seriously, because of this I have tendencies to face* when standing around in a grocery store, whether my mom has gone back to grab bananas or we can't decide what chips to buy.

Picture, if you will, a girl walking through a grocery store with a couple friends. She passes an uneven looking display of guacamole and reaches over to adjust the jars quickly. She continues walking and then turns around at the sound of her friends snickering and pointing and asks them what she did because she can't remember. They look at each other and one says, "She actually wasn't aware of doing it, was she?" They laugh some more, in the nicest possible way, and then reference the guacamole display. The girl smiles and they keep walking.

This is my life.

*Facing is when you take the product and make sure it's at the front of the shelf, by the way.

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