Sunday, January 30, 2011

12/5/10--Stealing Sunday (and keeping the appropriate title)

(original super-articulate post:)

Just got back from Deathly Hallows. Oh my god.

I mean, I know a movie is good when I can't form coherent thoughts about it until at least hours after seeing it. This is like that. I have things I want to say but for now I'm just going to let this post stew in blog-limbo draft form. So the title is inaccurate.

BUT, has once again become accurate, see, as I'm finishing my own blog again. I feel bad for not posting on Saturday (I actually had something articulate I wanted to say about something, my computer utterly and spontaneously died, I went to sleep and forgot. . .), so even though Alex is going to post today (or finish the one from Thursday), today is just going to become DAY OFTWO THREE BLOGS.

Today has been awesome. Weirdly, when days are awesome after strings of decidedly notsome days, I get kind of pissed off. I was so used to crap days, I get thrown. This makes no sense, and I should just be glad the day is going well. But who said I had make sense?

I'm with Vita on the "shit is going down" mentality. This has, so far, proved to be alternately empowering and infuriating. I don't particularly like the frequent change and would much more happily accept one or the other (preferably the former, but whatever). The time has come to choose courses for next year, and I finally don't have required electives to deal with. This has left me with freedom, and subsequent confusion. Will I choose to spend 9 months learning piano, or opt for the exponentially more boring/helpful study hall? My life is so hard.*

Footnote: Sarcasm. (Or IS it? Even I don't know anymore.)


Vita said...

This is inappropriately late but LEARN PIANO!!! Unless you don't want to. I guess that's okay. BUT YOU SHOULD DO IT!!!

Alex said...

The machine probably said something about how you have to make sense and be coherent but I say screw it.

Also, study hall sounds a bit dry to me. But upon thinking deeper, there's a lot of great stuff you could probably get down to in it. I would, like, love to have a chunk of type set aside and dedicated to working on my novel every day.

Hmmm... ideas. * mischievous smile*

Rena said...

Since this is of GRAVE IMPORTANCE: I sent in my course selection sheet today, and I've elected to take Creative Writing and Philosophy. So the Piano vs. Study Hall debate is moot. I'm excited for both of them, though.