Monday, January 3, 2011

Draft January 8/17/09 -- an uneventful start in more ways than one

"Okay, this is really weird; my cursor just disappeared on this blog post and it's quite irritating.

Whatcha reading?
I'm reading "Le Petit Prince;" it's my summer assignment for French. I'm also skimming "The Picture of Dorian Gray," which is what I read for English. I finished reading it a week or two ago, but I have to fill out some questions about it. It's not that bad, really, as far as homework goes; it's mostly composed of questions that give you free reign, like an exercise reading "Favorite lines from the book and explanation of why they were your favorites" and "Main ideas conveyed by the book and your opinion of the ideas." Not too difficult, I think.

I have two questions on blogging, but I suppose I'll save the second one for Friday:
Generally, how long does it take you to write one blog post?"

If memory serves me correctly, I actually did post a blog containing content extremely similar (ahem, identical) to this. I suppose what happened here was I began a blog post, decided that my (train-engine) fingers had run out of steam, and clicked "save post" while I (apparently) took a music break to the tune of "Such Great Heights" by (the?) Postal Service, about which I then proceeded to write. In a separate post. Mystery: solved.

Well. If you're the inquisitive, accuracy-seeking type, it's more likely that an interim of an hour or five elapsed between this lovely anthropological dissection of One Young Girl's Historic Summer Vacation (tm), during which time I a) almost certainly avoided making progress on Le Petite Prince (I can't remember if I'd actually started reading it at this point or not), b) definitely failed to do any more of my English work, and c) wasted an hour or five watching silly clips on Youtube.

(Hmm. Sounds suspiciously like my homework situation this past summer vacation.)

To follow up: a) I got a C on my Le Petite Prince quiz upon returning to school. Incidentally and somewhat to my chagrin, I've never felt the love towards that book, neither the French nor English version. Perhaps it's because I spent the last few days of break furiously whipping my naive young gaze from the English to French version in a half-assed attempt to understand enough of the French words to complete the accompanying Petite Prince workbook, which undoubtedly caused me to miss some of the finer points. Then again, we spent the first quarter on that book in class and somehow I never grew to love it. I feel vaguely guilty about this, not only because it's a classic but because the author -- whom I'm sure was a lovely chap -- unfortunately met an untimely end nosediving into the Atlantic Ocean through no real fault of his own. Ah well. C'est la vie, as they say in Frenchland; b) As predicted, the English homework was easy and I did get a 10/10 on it, which was a nice enough start to a wonderful year-long English adventure; c) There's not much to say about this one, other than: I'm working on it.

Far more interesting than the above is the dull attempt at self-validation that the last question (aww, remember when we used to ask each other questions?) reveals: "How long does it take you to write a blog post?" No doubt I worried to some degree that I either spent too little time writing a post (not enough effort!) or too much time doing the same (I can't think fast enough!). Good to know that the creeping sensation of utter unworthiness crept in at a young age.

Just kidding.

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