Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's an injustice to the world, honestly.

Rena: After a random, no-holds-barred, Seinfeldian "Y'know what bugs me?" conversation, Teresa and I have determined that THE most unexplainable, unjust thing to ever happen to the history of film is: Peeves not being in the Harry Potter films. Minor character my nerdy arsch.

It should be noted that this conversation was in no way under the influence of lateness/caffeine--which are rather convenient excuses. I can even use them for this post, as it is now 3:05 am. I might not even ever post this, so if you're being a sneaky little minx and reading this in draft form, enjoy. I applaud your sneakiness, and grant you a SEKRIT hello. Hello.

Draft January strikes again. And now the world knows that Rena sometimes indulges us with sekrit messages within unpublished posts.

Of course, this short observation is agreeable to me. I must admit I really would have liked to see the part of, what was it, Order of the Phoenix, when McGonnagal tells Peeves the something or other unscrews the other way. Collaborating to undermine Umbridge?


I haven't an idea what to blog about. Somehow, I've gotten out of the habit what with the general craziness that is my life. That seems like an overstatement seeing as how my life is possibly calmer than it has been in a while but there is still a lot to do.

I have this diabolical plan for this week. It involves radial idealism and cleaning my room and exercise and healthy eating. Yoga every night, focusing on simple pleasures rather than indulging my taste for lattes and eating out, sleep at a decent hour. The works.

Thus I have a tidbit of advice to offer, or maybe just a hopefully meaningful/helpful/inspiring anecdote to share. Particularly for those of us with New Year's resolutions/intentions that may start to fall by the wayside* in the coming weeks. If you hit a wall, as I did at 11:30 last night as I was running in place for the ridiculous yet entertaining Wii Fit game of my friends', think my teeth:

Several months ago, after my last trip to the dentist, which involved a needle in my mouth and the disturbing inhalation of my own tooth dust, I resolved to floss my teeth every single day from then on. For any of you who have tried to instigate such habits, it's not easy. I brush before I go to bed and about one to two weeks away from the dentist visit, I was less enthusiastic about it. I started going to bed later and by the time I was cleaning my teeth, I was so tired that I would often skip on the floss.

Something happened though and I was back to being vigilant every night. I'm not sure what it was that did it. I just know that I'd get a streak going, however long, and think, you know, it's not going to kill you if you don't floss your teeth tonight. You'll do it tomorrow and everything will be fine. Cavities don't just presto into your mouth after one night. Just go get in bed.

This idea, even though the reverse psychology kills me, is what keeps me flossing, even now. I tell myself every night that I don't have to brush my teeth, that it's a choice. And every night, I floss.

It works for me so I thought I'd share. It kind of reminds me of this video of Alex Day's where he talks about how he sometimes convinces himself to do stuff. Eloquent, I know. Why does the word stuff follow me around constantly and protrude from my mouth/keyboard at random interval.

I wish you luck with the flossing of your choice. How do you convince yourself to keep doing what you want to do but sometimes can't immediately find the will to do? Tell me in comments, if you so desire.

Now... to tie this back to Peeves. Okay, got it. I'm pretty sure Peeves never flossed his teeth and he did all right. And if it's good enough for Peeves, why would you ask for more? I'm not saying that you shouldn't aspire to be more than a usually-annoying-but-in-some-ways-minorly-endearing Hogwarts poltergeist. I'm just saying you don't need to.

*Hello novel that I was going to work on for an hour a day this month and have not opened in three [days]. How are you?

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Vita said...

You know why I freaking hate going to the dentist? Because I brush my teeth at least twice a day, every day, and I floss every single night (except for those nights when I'm just so freaking lazy/tired) and every time I go to the dentist they yell at me for not doing the above. Or they're like YOU DON'T FLOSS YOUR TEETH CORRECTLY, to which I would like to reply a) at least I floss them at all and b) you know, I try, but after three months some habits just start to slip, such as taking 5 minutes to floss your freaking teeth or whatever they recommend. So really what I should do is go to the dentist a month after the initial appointment and show them that I DO take care of my teeth so at least they have some inkling of respect for me. The end.

Anyway. Thanks for the tip. I'll try that in the future... Good luck with your life (week, whatever) plan. If you can keep it up then BONUS POINTS FOR YOU!