Saturday, January 1, 2011

Commence Draft January!

It's 2011. It honestly doesn't feel any different from 2010, no new year does for a while. I don't know when this yearly differentiation begins, but for right now I'm in yearly limbo. Some questions (paraphrased) and some answers (not paraphrased):

Do you make resolutions/are you a generally resolved person?

Answer part the first: Not really. I'm still focusing on (very vague) resolutions from 2010-2008. This may seem to denote that I have long-term goals. Don't be fooled.

Answer part the second: It comes in bursts, like the apocryphal genius. I can go on little highs just (metaphorically) tackling whatever I want, not procrastinating, (literally) waking up energized and all that jazz, lasting for a maximum of about 3 weeks. Then the tiny speck of brain matter that is that animated devil on my shoulder goes, "Screw, it, you deserve a break." And then the break lasts for a few more days just because it sucks to pick up resolution when it is no longer naturally occurring. Thus begins the rut. I even enjoy the rut, once submerged in sufficient apathy so as to be untouchable by guilt. This is starting to sound like (my non-diagnostic definition of) bipolar disorder. Unrelatedly, I've always wondered if I actually have some kind of mental disorder (My breezy nature about this suggests not, but what the hell). Everyone must come to terms with their own weirdness at some point, but when does it stop being teenage angst and get to a chemically unbalanced level?

This turned out way more awkward than I intended it to.

Anyway, Draft January, yes? I vote we still get to edit them, though. Some of yours are really well put together (Re: The White Chamber) some of mine are just NOT. But this may be the point. I shall expose to you my horribleness in writing these.


Vita said...

Regarding Draft January: I vote yes for going ahead with it! We're probably going to finish before the month is up, but I suppose at that point we'll just continue blogging as usual.

I also agree with editing, not only because it's necessary but because some of my drafts are literally three words long and it would feel like spam to post them. I think it depends on the type of post, as well. If it's something that actually required effort & thought to write then I totally agree with editing/adding to it; if it's a crazy OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL AM I EVEN SAYING RIGHT NOW draft then it might be more amusing to edit as little as possible. :) Use your discretion?

Alex said...

Editing is a must, I think. But also, when possible, I think we should leave things as they are/were. Commentary and footnotes welcome.
What I mean to say that if you decide that the blog is trying to make a point, help it make that point. If it isn't however, maybe just have fun with it and see where that goes.

I think this will be fun. Also, if we could Skype tomorrow before 11 amPST, that would be awesome. I am going to Seattle after that.