Sunday, January 30, 2011

12-12-10 -- paranoia (will destoy-a)

I don't know if this is going to turn into a cautionary tale or just an amusing anecdote. But, um, here is another snapshot of my work life:

We go through brooms pretty quickly at my grocery store. Sweeping up pieces of broken glass that are scattered through puddles of juices does something to them that I cannot quite explain. It's like it breaks their spirit.

There are two brooms in the back but only one dustpan. These are to be shared by produce and grocery. But sometimes produce gets possessive. I guess sometimes grocery people take the brooms for too long or fail to return them entirely. And so I wasn't too surprised when the broom labeled 'produce' wasn't around on Friday. Sometimes it's missing. The dustpan was still there, though so I used that and the other broom and all was well.

But then the next time I went into work (dramatic pause) THE DUSTPAN WAS GONE.

I know for a fact that no one saw that coming. No one. The plot thickens.

I asked the Boy Who Stole My Name if he knew where it was and he said that Produce Manager hid it! He actually hid the broom. So I said something about how I knew that would happen eventually and he smiled and reached under the produce prep station and handed me the broom. I asked him if he was even allowed to give me the broom and he also made me promise to bring it back, like I would hide it somewhere next.


At present, nearly two months later, both brooms and the dustpan are now out in the open where they will hopefully remain. Sometimes I see Produce Manager's eyes flash up when I reach for the broom and then disappear behind the swinging doors. I always return it, though.

I find it pretty amusing that someone would feel a need to hide a broom, though. Honestly, get a hobby. But who am I to judge? I'm just a f***ed up teenager.

And the world continues to tread circles in the universe. Or something.

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