Friday, April 30, 2010

The Anti-Hell

To hear everyone - like, the rest of the world - tell it, high school is either the best four years or the worst four years of your life.

Personally, I stand behind neither. High school is seulement pas grave.

I know there are people who get bullied, and it sucks - but people can (and do) get bullied at any age, even in their post-education years. I know there are people who fall in love (or claim to) and end up marrying their high school boyfriends in a white fluffy wedding of joy - but most people's relationships don't survive graduation.

My point is, high school is generally average. Why does it get labeled as the Greatest Burning Pit of Fiery Hell? Sure, some of my classmates get on my nerves (I'm fairly certain this is a situation that will persist for the rest of my life), but I have met many awesome people, some of whom I am good friends with, some of whom I chat with in class, and some of whom I appreciate simply for existing.

Admittedly, I can't stand some of the subjects I am required to learn. I dread going to Chemistry, not because I don't like the teacher (he's nice enough) but because I REALLY DO NOT LIKE CHEMISTRY. However, there are classes I enjoy, or at least tolerate, that balance it out (English; the now-free-period of Yearbook; History for the subject more than the class; French, sort of). Despite the early mornings and the constant minor annoyances throughout the day, I actually LIKE LEARNING. Crazily enough, it's nice to, well, know stuff, even if it's only for the sake of knowing.

High school is supposed to have a Queen Bee and her Court and everyone else is supposed to be Loyal Subjects. I don't see that at my school. It's not that everyone gets along (they don't) or that there aren't cliques (there are), but there isn't a dominant group that everyone loves/hates. Maybe it's because there's a combination of regular high school/magnet program at my school, but everyone is more accepting that they get credit for. It's hardly a paradise for anyone, and I'm sure there are people who genuinely hate how they're treated by their peers, but in general, it's not that bad.

I won't pretend that I arrive at school skipping and singing for joy. Occasionally, though, I have these mini-epiphanies on the bus as it rolls down the New-York-City-in-the-twentieth-century-looking street; sometimes, if I'm in a decent mood, I can convince myself that "oh my gosh, I GET to go to SCHOOL! How awesome is that?" Because sometimes, it makes sense: I don't have to go to work; I have the government looking out for me; I have so many opportunities in the future. More than anything, it's the sense of community that really makes me tolerate school. It's like, we're all in this together - all two thousand of us, all relatively close in age, and we all have to do this, and hopefully, it's going to make all of us better people.

All I'm saying is, if these are the worst four years of my life, then I am ridiculously excited for the future.

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