Sunday, April 18, 2010

Breaking the trend

This is my first Sunday in a couple weeks that I've remembered to blog. So that's something.

In spring, people age
Inevitably, we grow
Birthdays in a row

I can't write haikus. Or scripts, apparently.

You see, I started off well enough. Good enough? *shrug* I guess it wasn't that good but I had three pages the first day and I thought I'd be able to get ahead later on.
That didn't happen.
I'm not sure what's up with these paragraphs today. I'm being a bit liberal with the 'Enter' key.
Anyway, short story shorter (because in screen-writing, it's not about pretty words, it's about brevity) I'm 33.3 pages behind. I have twelve days to write 73 pages. That's a little more than six pages a day.
Can it be done? C'mon, have you ever met an unschooler? We do nothing but stay in our pajams all day and sometimes our beds, reading and writing and evading the "real world". I think you have your answer. (For the stupid/tired people: Yes, it can be done) Do I want it to be done? I don't know. It would take energy. Then again, I did get my sister to finish NaNoWriMo when she was quite behind so if I really want to be the kind of person who stands up to their morals and values I should suck it up, chain myself to the keyboard and walk my talk. Or type my talk.

Now that you're aware of the problem, do you care to know the reason for said problem?
In short (again with the shortness), I've been busy. Plus, I hate my characters. Together this equals a script that is not mentioned by anyone who wants to keep their health and safety intact. During NaNo, if I was asked about my novel, I would be happy to talk about how far ahead I was and how awesome it was. If someone asks about my script, I usually groan and change the subject, or else whine for a moment about how much I hate my characters.

So the solution seems obvious, I know. (For to stupid/tired: Change/kill the characters) The problem is that I feel the need to tell this story. It's like an anti-love story. Only now I've added in an actual romance for contrast (and so that I don't hate the script quite so much) and even that's not working. What do you do when you hate your characters and want to give up your script?
Throw in some Theater People.

We'll see how that goes.
Note: I refuse to proofread on principle.

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