Monday, April 26, 2010



Let's just go with a brief letter thingamajig.

Dear Alex and Rena (and anyone else who cares),

I'm sorry for neglecting this blog for the past month (has it been a month? Or three weeks? Same difference). Excuses are lame, so I don't have one of those, but I do have a reason. Subtle difference. Generally, you can blame Drama for any extended period of absence on my part. I had Hell Week, and then a show, and then a something I can't even remember, and then a show, and then I think I blogged, and then a show.

Anyhoo, that's over now (boo-hoo). It all went relatively really well, and I have all the songs from Thoroughly Modern Millie Stuck in my head, and I am all of a sudden feeling quite emotional about the end of Drama and the leaving of the seniors and the being a junior next year and the actually having to think about my future. In other news, I think I failed my Chem test but I think I did pretty well on my math retake and test so in the logical realm of things I am doing okay-ish. Which is better than it could be. So yay. Also, I am taking pleasure in the fact that getting a 100% in APUSH is actually bringing my grade down (this isn't going to last, but regardless, it's a very nice experience).

I think my blogging skills have deteriorated since I last blogged regularly (and I need to go and finish reading a chapter in my review book), so I'll try to come up with something interesting to say for this Friday.



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