Tuesday, April 6, 2010


**In keeping with my fantastically lazy excuse for a blog, I'm quite nicely "borrowing" this idea from Vita. Same topic, less originality...**

I think I might do Write Every Day April this year. If by questionable means. As in, I might write five hundred or so words of script-ness* as part of Script Frenzy, and then add to that whatever length my various blogs for the day may amount to. Or whatever other documents I work on, (non-school related, essays and observations on autonomy should not count for anything...) i.e assorted, crappy haikus I dare not publish to all of teh intertubes.

As you can probably tell I am being exceedingly and unnecessarily verbose simply for the sake of word count.** Even though I do not currently know my word count. Whenever I adapt this manner (especially in typing), I tend to affect a British accent. As in, as these words are going through my head and consequentially controlling my fingers so that the same words can be transposed onto this screen, there is a very British gentlemanly voice reading them to me. Like a foreign inner monologue. I am indeed being (characteristically, some may say...) queer.***

And now, the section of the post where I ramble on and on about having nothing to say (though I promised I would refrain from doing so quite a while ago, this has nothing to do with having nothing to blog about...****)


*I added the "-ness" because Pages very nicely counts all the directions and scene descriptions, as well as the dialogue, which, if it isn't the most *important* part of the script is certainly a very large part of it. But, what would the script be without such handy notes to whomever happens to be performing my MAGNUM OPUS (which unlike "masterpiece" is TWO WORDS and also in LATIN...) of a screenplay like, "(attempts to hold back tears) (pause) (sobs dramatically)"****

**A habit no doubt left over from National Novel Writing Month. Although it is not helpful in the task of Script Frenzy, because long monologues are generally frowned upon, unless the dialogue is relevant to the plot. Which this is not.

***As in peculiar, but you knew that. I do enjoy the now-unconventional British meanings of such Americanized terms.

****Oh you know it does. Hypocrite. Yes, indeed I AM talking to myself here. Carry on.

*****Although my directions are a lot more like (fiddles absentmindedly with objects) and (nods). Captivating in and of themselves, I know...

ANNNNND. . . the end. Ta-da. Whoop. As of now this is 431 words longs. Oh, darn. “words long” added 2. Now it’s up to 444. I suppose I could just continue with this forever now couldn’t I?


(P.s: 463)


Vita said...

GET ON WITH IT! Is that or is that not from the Monty Python "is she a witch" scene? You, sir, WIN. (I don't know WHAT you win, but you most definitely win something.)

Rena said...

Not the exact scene, but that one of the awesome ones. "She turned me into a newt!" "A newt?" "... I got better." :D