Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter and Grocery Store Revelations

Any holiday where you get to hunt around your house for eggs that are theoretically filled with chocolate is okay by me. The Easter Bunny didn't come to my house today though. What did happen is that I went to the farmers' market and sold Girl Guide cookies. I learned something in the farmers' market and now I am resolved to work in a grocery store.

I want to work in a grocery store for a couple reasons. Number 1 is to make money. I think I want to buy myself a cell phone for my birthday and this requires funds. Also, I owe my mom money for my computer and it's just a nice thing to have in general. Number 2 may surprise you, or it may not if you pay attention to who is bagging your groceries.

Hot guys work in grocery stores. Legions of them. I cannot even go into the grocery store for five minutes these days without seeing two guys of relative good lookingness. Obviously I need to get in on this which is why I am applying to work at the closest grocery stores.

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