Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear Paper Towns, I love you

This isn't a blog about Paper Towns, I just need to say that. This blog can be dedicated to PT, though. That's fine with me.

DISCLAIMER: I never said I wasn't a bitch. I'm in an irritated mood. People are grating on my nerves. Hello outlet.

People sometimes bug me. And by sometimes, I mean a lot. I don't know, maybe this makes me a bad person but some habits just get under my skin. Can I list some and keep a sense of decency and respect?

  1. Overuse of sarcasm. I'll admit it: sarcasm is fun. It's enjoyable and makes you feel smarter than everyone else and inside of your own little social commentary. But if you use it too much, it isn't cool anymore. And by too much, I mean if I can't tell when you're actually being serious because I cannot differentiate from the attempts at dramatic irony. Also, it alienates people and hinders thoughtful communication. Stop acting like Jess from Gilmore Girls and grow up.*
  2. Texting while having a conversation with other people. It's just not acceptable. If you're going to come into my house and eat my food and watch my television, please don't be having a 'what's-up-nothing-much' conversation via text with someone else.
  3. Being so damn passive aggressive. If you want something, either be direct or shut up. I'm so exhausted by those snippy little comments that just prove to me how insecure and cowardly people are. And I know not everyone's self esteem is exploding out of their auras but your passive commentary is not helping anyone. If you have something to say, say it because I'd prefer to think you're a demanding crazy person than a manipulative whiner.
Okay rant over. Two more things, with a lot less angst:

  1. It's really fascinating to go through draft posts that are never published that I think we half expect people to read when we write them. It feels kind of sneaky and deceitful but it's too tempting to resist.
  2. Does anyone think it's time for a new layout? It's kind of hard for me to admit as I'm so used to this blog header, background, etc. but I think we need to refresh. Let me know if you agree in the comments. (And, if you do, any ideas for a colour, background image or header? It'd be cool if I could get it done before NaNoWriMo, if we're going to change it.) What think you?
*Don't change for other people, though, kay?

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Vita said...

Dudes going through unfinished blog posts = DA BOMB. It seems sort of like reading somebody's diary, except not really, because it's on a semi-public platform and I would assume that if you have some DARK DARK secret you don't want anyone to ever know, you wouldn't type it up on Blogger in the first place. So.

Totes agree with the three points: I've become a lot less passive-aggressive recently (still working on it), especially when doing group work -- actually sometimes I'm the person who DECIDES SHIT FO' REALS which is a nice change.

As for the layout: sure, if you want to. As long as it's not too flashy. Simple is better, I think.