Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I haven't been particularly cheery in my recent blogs. (Given, there's been nothing to be cheery about, excessively cheery people are often annoying, and the more I type "cheery", the closer I come to typing "cherry", so let's stop.)

What I mean to say is, today was jokes. I am choosing to verbalize/celebrate it via blog.

-- Standardized testing tomorrow! I'm the only person in the history of the public school system to actually enjoy these*, I'm aware of this. But, it's half a day of filling out multiple-choice questions on things we're supposed to know anyway, half a day teachers letting us off easy because of the testing. And not being given homework assignments because there are tests tomorrow.

-- I've spent the time I'd normally spend doing homework being self-motivated and bettering myself in an uninstitutionalized setting looking up amusing novelty songs on YouTube.**

-- It's officially autumn now, the leaves are changing color, further quasi-poetic seasonal musings. . .

-- The Rocky Horror episode of Glee is coming up. :D

* I should specify that I do NOT enjoy midterms/finals. They're different.
** Behold, word salad lyrics in full effect. Both examples provided, as MJ once said, are like cheerfully (there's the cheer again! Must get thesaurus. . .) going insane.

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