Saturday, October 30, 2010

The one night a year it's okay to take candy from strangers

I'll admit it, I'm 15 years old and Halloween is still one of my favorite holidays. Candy + dressing up + running around at night ringing doorbells. What's not to love? I've heard there's some ordinance in my town that those over the age of fifteen can't trick-or-treat--i.e can be denied candy, which is unfortunate (and yet another sign of my town being run by teenager-hating crotchety old fools who think we exist solely to deal drugs and loiter. . .), but because of my stature I don't think I'll be questioned. Besides that, I'd reason to say that most people wouldn't be coldhearted/observant enough to openly question people on their doorstep doing nothing more than soliciting sweets. Halloween is a holiday very much founded on trusting other people. E.g: Has this random adult somehow tainted the wonderful lump of sugar they've handed me? Will the evil teens egg the hell out of my house?* Is that chainsaw fake? And so on.

I searched the blog for other posts about Halloween from last year, read them, and now, AN OBSERVATION:

Good god, I've gotten better at writing. If not better, I've calmed down significantly. I mimic Maureen Johnson/obnoxious 4chan speak less. (The latter was done purely to be ironic, which I realize now wasn't really ironic. . . The former was done somewhat unintentionally, just because MJ's blogs are better than mine, sincerest form of flattery and what have you.)

Apart from Halloween (which became the main topic of this post suddenly), there are--less than, the html gets confused when I use the math symbol. . .don't worry, sad html, math confuses me too. I share your inanimate pain.**--2 days until Nanowrimo. Excitement. Also: 26 days until (US) Thanksgiving, 55 days until Christmas, and 20 days until Deathly Hallows Part 1. Doesn't that just put things into perspective?

* I have a feeling this is just another horrible stereotype. Or this generation has blossomed into considerate, meek celebrators of Halloween, the prank only immortalized in film lore.

** That personification had no real point, but the sentiment stands. Unrelated end to this blog that I could've left in the comments of Alex's blog but am choosing to state here, blatantly not following directions by doing so: 1. Yeah, it's fun. I try not to leave too many things in drafts, but one day I might just mash all the unfinished ones together, as some sort of deep-glimpse-into-my-thought-processes/I-am-too-lazy-to-finish-a-blog type thing. 2. I'm up for a change, I suppose. I'm not good with HTML (evidenced by my inability to use the less than symbol to any effect), but will offer opinions on any possible alterations.


Vita said...

"deep-glimpse-into-my-thought-processes/I-am-too-lazy-to-finish-a-blog type thing" <-- HA made me laugh because it's so true.

Yeah, I'm going trick-or-treating this year (and I'm a year older than you, so good thing I'm not going in your neighborhood hahah) but I kind of don't want to, just because some adults give you dirty looks like WHY YOU TAKIN' MY CANDY. Hello, 1) it's not like I'm threatening to shoot you in the face and 2) what the fuck, it's freaking candy, the value of which is not going to go down because one of the people you give it to is not five years old. JEEZE. But I think this is my last year of doing so, because it's just really uncomfortable. None of my friends are cool enough to have legit Halloween parties hahaah.

Alex said...

I didn't trick or treat for the first time this year. I don't know; I guess I'm just kind of over it.

Not that it wasn't great. It totally was. And not that my little sister didn't want me to go out with her.

Also, Hershey sucks.