Saturday, October 16, 2010

Re: Re: Problems

I'm in the same boat as you, Vita, in that I have a low A in an honors English course and still think to myself occasionally, "Do, BETTER, bitch! This is your THING--the one subject at which you can excel, so if you don't then you fucking fail at life." Which, I realize, is unrealistic. Realization doesn't change much. This was painfully demonstrated to me via the aforementioned standardized test*, wherein the first portion was a series of 50 punctuation/grammar-related questions to be completed in 30 minutes. I got through 38 of them.**

I'm still going to try and better myself both according to school standards and personally.*** Alex explained so eloquently why there is still hope in this quest for betterment (I just managed to turn "raising my grade a few percentages" into something terribly epic-sounding. . . I digress.) that I'm not trying to out-encourage and out-wise her sentiments, but rather, I agree.

* Looking back, I blame my gloating/profession of love for them in the previous blog. Karma.

** FFFFFFUUUUU-- *facepalm* They are not graded, my future cannot be determined by 12 unanswered questions. . . *repetitious mantra*

*** E.g in essays and writing creatively, the class I'm in now completely ignores non-literary question related writing, which I find a nice division. Essays are for school, creativity is for NaNo, and ne'er the two shall meet (in my opinion).

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Vita said...

DUDES, standardized testing = the worst thing since four-cheese pizza. (WHY so little sauce?!) Don't even worry about it. Easier said than done, I know, but they don't measure how intelligent you are or even how much you know. In summation, they are DUMB.

In other news, sound goals, young grasshopper. Much fortune upon you during your quest for betterment :)