Thursday, February 11, 2010

Once more with feeling

I just wrote 'You know it's Tuesday when it's 8:30pm and I have a blog to write but absolutely nothing to write about.' But it's actually Thursday. Fail.

And now I will become the rambler, because I can't think of anything to rant about.

Valentine's Day on Sunday. Yay. I've always liked Valentine's Day. Valentine's equates to my mom buying me a box of chocolate and making pink heart shaped pancakes. What's wrong with that? Plus, this year the movie, Valentine's Day, is coming out which I'm kind of excited about. We're going to see it on Friday which hopefully won't be too busy. Although it is opening night.

Justin Bieber is really getting on my nerves. He's just so presumptuous.

For example, his song, One Less Lonely Girl, he's basically saying that this girl was completely unhappy until he came along to be with her. So he's going to make her life meaningful again simply by being himself. Obviously, she could not possibly been a happy person before he came along because she was SINGLE *GASP*. Imagine a fourteen year old not having a life companion. It's just such a ghastly thought.

This is all to say that Bieber and I are over. It used to be a cute little joke, but now I'm fed up with his semi sexist persona. And what's with that ridiculous pointing at the camera thing?

Why do I seem to write all my blogs while watching Vampire Diaries? I don't know if either of you watch it so you may not know what I am talking about for the next few sentences. I will explain. I feel so sorry for Damon. I mean, here he is living his antagonistic, tortured vampire life and the only reason he has to go forth is to find his vampire love, Katherine. Now, yes, neither Damon nor Katherine are the nicest of vampires. They are both sort of misguided and pathetic but they had each other. Until Katherine ditches Damon without telling him, leaving him to think she is locked in a tomb with dozens of other bloodthirsty vampires. All his vampire life he was only trying to free her and now he finds out that she was never in the tomb all along and all this time that he's been trying to get her back she's been gallivanting in Chicago. And there's Damon, the poor bastard, who was truly in love with Katherine even though she's a total bitch.
I don't know, maybe it's only because I find Damon completely endearing and adorable but I feel really bad for him. And then I find out no more Vampire Diaries until March 26th.

Oooh, someone is beckoning with popcorn. See you cats on the flip flop tomorrow! (100pts if you got that reference)

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